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The selection of superior types bibitLebah Honey

The selection of superior types bibitLebah Honey

The characteristics of super quality seeds honeybees:

     Queen bees have a good physical and aged between 3 months to 1 year
     The number and quality of eggs produced many queen bees
     Yields better results more honey, bee pollen, royal jelly and propolis
     Bee larvae produced fresh
     Bees are usually more aggressive

Honey bee colonies reproduce

Raising honey bees in order to produce optimal gains a honey beekeeper should Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercaya  have a minimum of 100 boxes of honey bee colonies. Measures to increase the number of honey bee colonies:

Herd of honey bees on the location of available feed quite a lot. With the availability of adequate feed the queen bee will produce more eggs and the worker bees are also more active in making new nests.

     Prepare candidates for the honey bee queen honey bee colonies were placed in new ones.
     Separating honey bee colonies already crowded box into the new honey bee colony and placed prospective new queen bee or other ready-made queen.

Make calonRatu Bees

1.Ambil honeybee larvae newly hatched age 1 day

2.Masukan into one piece frame Royal jelly

3.Frame Royal jelly is already filled honey bee larvae placed on the super box (box containing honey bee colonies bee maduminimal 2 level)

4.Sekat / separate box with a super bee honey bee queen is in the bottom box and frames royal jelly honey bee queen candidates placed in the top box. So that the honey bee queen can not approach a potential queen bee honey.

5.Diamkan for 11 days until the candidate becomes the queen bee pupae.

6.Setelah eleven days calin queen bee boxes transferred to the besisi bee colony without the queen.

7:13 days out prospective queen bee cocoons and immediately appointed as the queen bee by the bee colony

8.Bisanya after a week the queen bee is ready to mate and develop new bee colonies that are occupied.

Honey Bee Farming equipment:

     Box of bees, the honey bee colony made ​​of wood or Mahogany Suren
     Pengasap tool to tame aggressive honey bees
     Protective masks of honey bee attacks
     levers strokes
     Brush strokes of honey bees
     Strokes made ​​of wood frame and foundation anchoring the middle given kawatsebagai honeycomb
     Pollen Pollen Trap for panenBee
     Frame Royal Jelly Royal jelly is to harvest and make prospective Queen Bee
     Extraktor to harvest honey

Grazing Honey Bees

Between the months of May to September is the Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercaya   period in which peternaka bees honey bees tending plantations to provide enough feed honey bees.


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