Saturday, September 27, 2014

The usual type of feed given to the carp

The usual type of feed given to the carp is as follows: 1 taro leaf / leaf taro leaf Sente 2 3 4 Cassava leaves of kale leaves 5. sweet potato leaves 6 7 Papaya leaves Bean sprouts: mung bean sprouts, bean sprouts red beans, sprouts of young rice seedlings 8 lowongan kerja Pumpkin 9. artificial feed (pellets) 10 Corn cob 11. Bran 12. bean dregs know 13.-cake

Regular feeding with high quality and quantity that can increase the growth of the fish grow faster
In fish farming guramih with this tarp to avoid excessive feeding, if there is food left over must be disposed of. Fish food and fish waste in the pond that contains certain amounts of ammonia which is toxic to guramih. In addition to feeding the number and frequency of regular other things to note is the quality of water.

Although fish gurameh quite resistant to water which is not good but the water needs to be cleaned and replaced the majority (30%) on a periodic basis. Usually the replacement is done once a week by doing shift pond. Water sucked out with a hose or pump, the dirt out through the hose, then refilled with new water. Even better if given pond aerators or filters to increase oxygen levels and automatically cleans dirt.

nursery next to clean the pond of moss and dirt until it is completely clean and in water use chalk paint continues dikeringkan.satu days later the contents of the water with a depth of 30-40 cm.dan prebiotics plangton grower. This is because the majority of carp food derived from food additives or artificial.

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