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Saturday, May 31, 2014

For marketing we can guarantee

For marketing we can guarantee that you will not be short fence / gatherers . Because of this requirement for very high duck eggs are not offset by increased production . In addition through the fence , we can also sell directly to the market or to the restaurant in the form of salted egg . Besides the lack of production , many farmers stopped laying ducks in the middle of the road because of despair over the lack of productivity ternakannya ducks . Therefore, the required extra patience and dexterity in duck farming . Judi Poker Online dan Domino Kiu Kiu Uang Asli IndonesiaSimilarly, a brief information regarding the laying duck can be served . Hopefully useful and do not hesitate to ask if there is not you understand . For more detail about the making of the cage and we will ration post pSEJARAH BRIEF
Ducks also known as Duck ( bhs.Jawa ) . His ancestors came from North America is a wild duck ( Anas Moscha ) or Wild mallard . Continuous tamed by humans to be maintained ducks now called Anas domesticus ( duck ) .
Internationally duck concentrated in countries north America , South America , Asia , the Philippines , Malaysia , UK, France ( countries that have tropical and subtropical season ) . While in Indonesia is concentrated in the areas of duck Java ( Tegal , Bradford and Kirkcaldy ) , Borneo ( Alabio Subdistrict , District Amuntai ) and Bali and Lombok .
3 . TYPE
Classification ( classification ) of ducks , according to type are grouped into three (3 ) categories , namely :

Seasonbet77 Agen Bola Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET-IBCBET Sambut Piala Dunia 2014    Laying ducks like Indian Runner, Khaki Campbell , Buff ( Buff Orpington ) and CV 2000 - INA ;
Such as Peking duck meat , Rouen , Aylesbury , Muscovy , Cayuga ;
Ornamental duck ( duck pet / hobby ) as East Indian , Call ( Grey Call ) , Mandariun , Blue Swedish , Crested , Wood .

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How Raising the Bali Starling

How Raising the Bali Starling : Exotic Bali Starling The country does have an incredible diversity of wildlife much . Bali Starling example , as one of the birds most
How Raising Suren Starling : Starling Beautiful Styling Suren Distance suren is one of the original Indonesian exotic animals . The beauty of feathers and melodious chirping sound into power
Learning How Cucak Ijo Cultivation : There are seve Agen Judi Poker dan Domino Online Terpercaya Indonesia ral factors that may be difficulties we have experienced in trying to cultivate cucak ijo or in the Indonesian language is cucak green . Cultivation techniques of this bird is
Simple Ways Cultivation Cucak Rowo : Currently popularity cucak rowo bird in the middle of a growing community . Among connoisseurs cucak rowo , these birds can be very expensive appreciated
How Raising Birds Turtledove : One of cultivation into a promising business today is the cultivation turtledove . Turtledove is known for its bird species nest swiftlet sound yangMitos are believed capable of maintaining physical fitness and blood circulation has been going on since hundreds of years ago . In addition , it can help cure various diseases such as asthma , fever , cough , lung disease , stroke . Efficacy swallow nest is often heard from orang2 been consumed , as told to friends , family and even the media in the form of magazines , books , or newspapers . Various myths about the efficacy of swallow nest that has been widespread , most people mempercainya but some others are still considered unproven . Apart from these myths , swallow nest is quite prestigious .
The results of the study Dr . Yun Cheung of the University of Hong Kong found the glycoproteins in the swallow nest . These substances increase culturing the cells in the immune system defenses . These substances can make people young . Although the results have not been many studies reveal the contents and properties of substances contained in a swallow's nest , efficacy has been empirically recognized , said Herfriyan Handra Research and Development staff of PT Martina Berto ever produced supplement drink made ​​from raw swiftlet nests in 1994-1996 . The same thing also expressed Y. Kiatanto swallow ob
SARANA99.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYAservers in Yogyakarta that something istimewa.Menurutnya nutrition and medical experts Chinese are very clever and definitely knows privileges yen - ou ( designation swallow nest in Chinese ) so that the object is appreciated very expensive .

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A young kale kale seedlings measuring

A young kale kale seedlings measuring 20 -30 cmAgen Judi Online that has a stem and leaves are large and nice . The seedlings can be obtained in two ways , namely by stem cuttings and then driven into the ground , or by planting dry beans and kale are good quality .
Kale seeds that had been prepared then planted at a spacing of 1.5 x 15 cm . If the seed is derived from the seeds , for an area of ​​10 m2 , about 300 grams of seed required , if each hole is filled with grains of 2-3 seeds . In dry weather , watering the seeds do on a regular basis .
2 . Processing Plant Media
To make kale growing media for plants , soil needs compost fertilizers . Above ground / land is then made ​​petakan-petakan/bedengan , with the length depending on the condition of the land . Next, plug the drill on the beds with a spacing of 20 x 20 cm .
a. cultivate land
Before planting , + / - 3 weeks , the soil must first be processed by mixing 10 tons of compost or manure to each hectare of land . Give water to a height of 5 cm and let the stagnant water while urea was given at a dose of 1 quintal per hectare .
b . Making beds
The next stage in the manufacture of growing media is made ​​beds with width 0.8-1.2 m , length 3-5 m , within ± 15-20 cm spacing between beds and made ​​a ditch along the 50 cm . However , the size can be adjusted to the conditions of the available land . Purpose of the beds in addition to help smooth out the water - influx , as well as to facilitate maintenance and other activities .
c . fertilization
Associated with the processing of growing
Agen Casino Online media , fertilizer should also be considered . A week before planting or after the completion of beds , planting media were given a basic fertilizer manure . Fertilization is performed at the plant back a week and two weeks of using urea fertilizer mixed with water and sprayed on the base of the plant . Prior to fertilization , the land must first be dried for 4-5 days . Fertilizer needed for each hectare of land is 10-20 tons of organic fertilizer and 100-250 kg of urea fertilizer .

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Harvest : ....

10. ECONOMIC ANALYSIS BUDIDAYAhangat and stable . Warm temperatures and stable at the minimum, this will help the worm eggs are in the media canPrediksi Bola  mature and hatch in time. If the conditioned media then it's useless because although many eggs will not hatch . Media warmth caused by the process of fermentation and decomposition of organic materials which runs continuously in the media stack . This is one of the functions giving probiotics in feed .• Moist . Other requirements for live worms lumbricus media is media that is awake humidity , that means media can save water and make it damp but because of loose and porous so humid pores can be decreased . This occurs because the humidity is routinely given liquid feed and liquid feed is excessive even if it will quickly percolate down and can flow out through paralon at the bottom that serves as an air circulation as well as a water infiltration . Even at times the media should also be watered worms , to defend humid .• Organic material . Of course the main conditions of the worm media should consist of organic ingredients , this too is elected from simple materials and decomposed bad , because once harvested later this media will work as planting media or compost .
Some media can be used to keep worms maximal functions, as well as the media , but eventually everyone will be destroyed after the software and can be eaten with worms, then we have to prepare in advance for the appropriate media . As for materials should be completed sebagi media worm is , as follows : .... CONTINUED
grant Feed
Earthworms fed with feed once a day and a night of heavy worm planted . When planted 1 Kg , then feed indispensable given should also be 1 Kg . In general feed earthworms were of all animal feces , dirt except YG only be used as media . Concomitant need pd observed in feeding earthworms, among others :

feed given should be duly powder or puree Blend with suitable amount .
feed porridge sprinkled flat on the media , but do not cover
Jadwal bola the entire surface of the media , about 2-3 dr box container is not sprinkled feed .
covered with plastic feed , sack , or other who does not translucent .
The next feeding , when the remaining feed before , should stir & reduced amount of feed given .