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Tips dan Cara Membidik Keyword Google SEO 

Jasa seo Murah - Tips and How SEO Google Keyword Targeting - yoshiwafa - Being on page one of Google is the desire of every webmaster or a blogger , that's for sure . Inspired by a man who asked me through my main email , so I created this article to aja deh just added the science of SEO . Learning is easy if my friend said easy , and it will be hard if my friend said tough . Dasarannya , a word that is a prayer that my friend said.
Although I am not a master in the world or the world perbloggeran Website , but yeah at least , although still a little yes I still can SEO and Design Blog Theme . This is my personal blog which is so small that I made for mere fad . Okay this time I would like to share experiences in targeting google keyword that is one of the SEO tricks .
Keyword wanted a buddy want to be on page one google ? it all depends of what my friend tried , to Indonesia may still be relatively easy despite the high category in the keywords field to Tools / Keyword Planner google that now .
A simple tips of my posts diligently with the priority criteria SEO articles , to the newly created blog , better internal build the best links first , not directly in the given alias Optimization Backlink from outside the Offpage .
Better mate concentration in Onpage Optimization as obat aborsi choosing a theme according to my friend 's blog SEO . SEO article posting 5 articles a day if possible and continue for one month means 5x30 = 150 articles Original article no copy paste in one month , this if my friend wants injects fast .
If you want to play can also be relaxed , at least 1 day Update Original article post . Why must Original article ? because the article is the work itself that is definitely going to be in the preferred Google search Engine . If 1 article 1 day then a month already so 30 articles . Draw a pattern on the internal link to the article 30 as possible .
If I am , usually one who wants to be the main article on page 1 google has 10 articles supporting it to help me make the main article . In this way the main article already got 10 internal backlinks . Mate them know that this 2013 -era Internal links are more effective when compared to the External link ? This is my own experience .
A blog is always Update will definitely get good grades in Google SERP . That's for sure , so if your blog is not SEO , do not give up first , and wait for that to be more SEO blog . It all takes time to blog recognized by search engines and keywords field - keywords buddy shoot in Onpage optimization will be on page 1 of google. Let the friend keywords in the viewfinder internal link / anchor text flows naturally and do not give up .confusedobat telat bulan Confused by SEO ?
Update : 11-10-2013
Anchor text that contains links to other articles that may be a key word in the SERP google new algorithm is Hummingbird , this is my personal conclusion with a variety of experiments that I did , a lot of which I have tests , such as Internal links containing the words to Google keyword , eg keywords buddy like this > tourist attractions in Jogja < It give the active link for the article heading , then someday keywords containing Internal links can be keyword in google search engine . But this can not be done only with 1 internal links, but must continue if there is continuous related articles and can be linked with other articles .
According to my analysis of trials in various blogs belong to me , pasang iklan baris gratis tanpa daftar this is really effective . The next step after 1 month old blog is looking for a backlink from the outside , after Onpage was perfect in view of personal pal . Where can get backlinks from outside ? I have a question , this :- List of Social Bookmark Dofollow berpage high rank- List of 50 Best for Finding Web 2.0 BacklinkGoogle Top Ranking For Beginners are asked a friend when chatting with Yahoo Messenger . Actually I've discussed here : Top 10 Easy Ways Google . Now I affirmed again with this article , especially for beginners . Prinspipnya for faster ranking on Google is to target keywords or keywords that are not much pesaingnnya . In the article Top 10 Easy Ways Google is exemplarily I give the word " plecing kale " as an example .Internet marketing is being endemic in Indonesia lately , ranging from adolescents , adult , until the alat bantu sex elderly began in the business . Coffers in getting any variety ranging from hundreds of thousands , millions , billions , even a trillion and depending on how we grow the business we are constructing .
Problems does exist a lot of ways to develop our online business such as social media , paid advertising , seo and others , but for now I will share some of my experiences in building a home based business online seo .
In an age of increasingly sophisticated we are very likely to sell products or services that we offer to the consumer or the people who really need our product . For example, if we sell beauty products for adult women , is not appropriate to sell this product to a boy aged 10 years .
So we can say we better promote our products to 100 people were on target , compared to 1000 but not on target . By promoting our products to the people who really need our products the percentage of the purchase will be greater.
With the development of internet world very rapidly , alat bantu sex making this a great opportunity for us as sellers to find the target market with targeted goals . How? ? friends may now realize that the habits of modern society is currently " looking for information , services , goods or whatever it is in search engines like Google , msn , bing and others . When they type in a keyword or keyword in the search engines , then you will see several top ranking websites or pages.
When we have a site selling a product or service and have a great position in the search engines , then it will indirectly many people who contacted even buy products that we offer to them . Because the people who are contacting targeted people who have an affinity to the products that we offer .
So the question is how to get good position in search engines with keywords that match what we have to offer ? ?
seo tips
The answer is by using SEO ( search engine optimization) , with jasa pembuatan toko online murah this method all the friends sites can be in the top position in accordance with the keywords like friends . dikatakana as before that there are some search engines that we know as Google , Yahoo , MSN , Bing and others. But the most highly recommended today is Google . Because Google is the search engine most used by many people in the world , especially in Indonesia compared to other search engines . So what should we do to get started ? pulau tidung  ?
1 . Prepare Products
product image seo
Broadly speaking there are two products that can be friends use product that is non- physical and physical products . Examples of physical products such as : car , motorcycle , home , beauty tools , crafts , food and more . While the non-physical products such as : website creation services , ebooks , software , and others .
In the world of internet marketing there is no such person not to perform the action has no quibble pulau tidung products , Due to the advantages of online business is that we can market other people's products if we feel not ready to prepare our own products . But it would be much better if we develop our own products than other peoples products * record for sales of physical products , we recommend friends looking for a product that has the advantage of at least 50 thousand / PCS . Having friends is determining which products to be marketed , friends may turn next ketahap ie market research .
2.Riset Market With Google Keyword Tools
google research online
Friends may visit directly to conduct market research on products marketed friends want , other than that this tool can also take advantage of friends for free . With the Tools of friends can get data such as how much a person is typing in certain keywords on google for a month and a variety of other functions peluang usaha online  .
How to use simple , direct friends can enter keywords relevant to the products your friends will be marketed in the form and remember to maximize these tools friends must log in first with a gmail account that friends have.
Fill out the form above can be adjusted to the needs of his own friends , here I use the keyword " Jacket " as an example . From the examples of friends will get the following results .
From the above data shows that there are approximately 14,800 Internet users worldwide who type the keyword in google search engine jacket and 12,100 internet users in the country of Indonesia who type the keywords jacket for a month . In addition, friends get - keywords other keywords that are relevant to the product that will be marketed later friends , remember one key word = obat aborsi one market .
After getting the data from these tools , your friends can directly target keywords that will optimize but the most important is to MAKE SURE YOUR FRIENDS TO COMPETE WITH KEY WORDS SUCH because if my friends are not able to compete , it's likely that your friends business friends are being developed now will fail . For a beginner I would suggest in terms of SEO keyword targeting with total montly local search searching around between 100-500 per month
but please if friends want to try to search for more, because the actual amount of searching is obat telat bulan  not a factor definitely will be hard or easy it is competition a keyword , because there are many factors that affect a specific keyword to our control . To understand more about the factors that influence rankings in google , we will discuss in the next article .
One more thing which is most important and should not be missed by friends , when choosing a keyword that keyword try is Buying the keyword or keywords that percentage to get a very high sales examples Jacket Sell , Buy Jackets , Jackets Online , Cheap Jackets , cheap jackets online , cheap bisnis online motorcycle jackets , jackets online and couple others . It is important that markets select friends really generate sales due to the possibility of very large .
3.Mulai Making Website
create a website
For friends who want to learn to make a website or blog , friends can click on how to create a blog for more information lanju . Actually there are some important things to look for when friends make a website that is:

Provide clear and relevant information on visitor

When friends build a website , make sure friends lists their clear information to visitors such as : How do I order , clear contact information , store address information ( if any) , and make sure my friends post articles that are relevant to the website a theme - for example, if friends of friends make a website about selling jackets , friends can post an article about the latest cool jackets , men jackets models , 2013, funniest ladies jackets and others.

Photos are clear and attractive products alat bantu sex

Based on my experience when marketing products on the internet , this is one factor that can support the sales . So advice for my friends , make creative photo products as possible with a clear picture . One more try product photos that your friends do not attach the file too big as this can slow down the speed of the website .

Do not be too focused with website design

I think personally , a good website is not the website that rely on good design , but a website that can bring targeted visitors and the many sales . Why ? ? because we are talking in the context of internet marketing , different again if the answer is design experts . But it all depends on each other's ideas , the point is not to get too focused on the design of a website and forget about the real function of a website itself .

Promote your website with SEO  alat bantu sex

SEO is search engine optimasation , whose real intention is to make the website easily found by our target market . SEO is not just how to get a good position in google but also utilize the " word / phrase " buying keywords the competition is easy ( can we speak ) , so that friends should bear in mindset about SEO is not only oriented to the ranking alone but orientation to the Air SALES .
Below are some of the SEO techniques you need friends to know to get a good ranking in google :
On Page OptimizationThis is a SEO optimization directly related to the structure of the website all of my friends . Here are the things to consider in On Page Optimization : Exact Match Domain , meta title , meta description and your articles contain the targeted keywords . pasang iklan online But do not be too too much and can seem monotonous as spam .
Off Page Optimizationan optimization technique an external website ( external website) , which we would like to point towards the websites that are optimized in order to obtain a good position in SERP . For example, if we want to optimize our website could mengoptimasinya by giving a link on the website , , and the link goes directly to the website
The following is a simple SEO techniques that can pratikan friends in order to have a SEO friendly website structure and get a good ranking in google :
1 . Use the EMD obat pembesar penis ( exact match domain ) , for example when friends target keywords " cheap jacket sale " friends can wear domain * note there are actually advantages and disadvantages friends obtained an EMD but it all depends on the their individual needs .
2 . This is the most important thing in On Page Optimazation masukanlah keywords into the viewfinder friends website title ( meta title ) for example when friends target keywords " cheap jacket sale " as the title of the website can " Sell Cheap Jackets Latest Models That Cool and Gaul " or it could be like this " Sell cheap jackets | latest cool jackets | jackets latest model | cheap cool jacket "
3 . Use a keyword into the viewfinder friends website description ( meta description) such as " Here is a place selling cheap jacket latest model cool slang and quality . If you want to order silahakan contact number .... ( Fill in the contact number of friends ) .
4 . For beginning was made ​​at least 100 articles on websites of friends with obat pembesar penis keywords relevant to the website of friends . For example, if friends target keywords " cheap jacket sale " friends can create articles relevant websites such as " cheap jacket bandung " , " cool jacket hanging in 2013 " , " cool jackets sale the latest model at a bargain price " and each article provide a link later directed to a page that will be optimized
5 . if by way of On Page still not getting a good ranking websites , your friends can start plugging backlinks on other websites . This method is somewhat difficult for someone who is new in the world of SEO , but to make it easier there are some simple ways you can friends do to plug backlink namely :
make his own acount freeblog ( minimum 15 free blog ) * note list can freeblog acount friends searching in google , then plug in freeblog backlink is a way to fill in relevant and quality content (each a minimum of 5 articles ) and then " make an anchor text with targeted keywords " and link it to a URL / web page which will be in the optimization , which need attention , if we take advantage of 15 free blog , then do the 15 free blog , ancor textnya same . You can use the 50 % : 50 % in the utilization ancor text . This is how not to be detected as spam . So that 50 % of his ancor text is the exact keywords that we aim keywords like " cheap jacket sale " and another 50 % is relevant keywords such as pulau pari " cheap jacket sale in bandung " , " cheap jacket sale center " , " selling jacket cool and cheap quality " and others. The purpose of this other than to not be detected as spam but also more variable in order to link google eyes .
After doing it all do not forget to do socialbookmark , to bookmark each blog post free , at least 5 to 10 socialbookmark * note * more nicer so fast backlinks indexed by google . If the website by friends not also get a good ranking , continue to repeat the above technique to websites of friends get the desired ranking in the SERP .
If friends want to understand more about SEO and want to learn to do more about SEO deeper . friends can instantly learn the SEO world class champion Farid Bramantya well as my mentor as well in building an online business , with its SEO school because there is still banyaaakkkk material that could get the friends that I can not describe here . Because of the above techniques were actually meruapakan one technique that I get from , Hopefully useful knowledge for all my friends . That's all and thank you .- See more at : pulau pari  # sthash.KjK4Vlcn.dpuf
Of course in advanced stages to become a top Google ranking we need to target a market that is more competitive , so if we win and get top ranking in Google for a competitive market segment that also then our blog will be more likely to make a powerful internet business into ours .
Being a Top 10 Great Search Engine is one of the capital CROWDED visitors to our blog , but of course it does not necessarily provide certainty , because it is much more important is that we need to actually sell , because that's in addition to writing for Search Engine we need writing for humans , are you a man who bought it was to visit our blog , not Google .
To read the easy way to rank on google for beginners please read here : Top 10 Easy Ways Google .
To learn from the beginning and continues to Advance level , please : Order book Secrets of Search EngineActually there are many more media to find backlinks from iklan massal the outside as a comment on another blog and from other dofollow Forum forums , probably for the future I will share , if you still remember anyway ^ _ ^ .
I think so first update 11-10-2013 for this time and I will update again in the future if it is to get inspiration and new knowledge ^ _ ^ .pulau pari Determine the target audience of the website you have would be greatly affected by the number of visitors on your website later , all you have to be very clever plan . By having a plan and a clear target audience , your website will be easily indexed by google to search from keywords typed by the user . So how to you have a website targeted visitors to your liking , please refer to this article to completion .
Mandatory Use IndonesianIf you shoot the target visitors from Indonesia, using Indonesian is the main requirement . Google will automatically redirect search results by prioritizing your website or blog with Indonesian on the first page of Google when keywords are used in the Indonesian language search , using google Indonesia ( ) , or else the search is done on the computer with the IP pulau pari Indonesia .
Use the Top Level Domain IndonesiaShoot the target visitors from Indonesia could be done by using the domain TLD Indonesia , Indonesia is an example of a domain TLD . and . Google will automatically connect search results by prioritizing your website or blog with domain TLD Indonesia on the first page when a keyword is used in the Indonesian language search , using google Indonesia ( ) , or else the search is done on the computer with the IP Indonesia .
Renting Server Hosting With Location In IndonesiaLocation server determines the IP address of your website . Google automatically prioritizes your website or blog with the same IP to IP or IP location search computers used to conduct the search . This is one way to shoot the target visitors from Indonesia . There is now a lot of hosting providers with servers located in Indonesia.
Using Google Webmaster pulau pari Google Webmaster can use to tell Google that we shoot the target country . This feature is suitable for domains with the TLD . Com , . Org , . Net , . . information , etc. but do not need to be used when we already TLD domains such as Indonesia .
So a way to determine the target of your website so that visitors targeted visitors from Indonesia , in this way could be more helpful to direct your website so much on the user access or visitors from Indonesia .

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