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Cara Tukar Link Otomatis, Instan dan Praktis
jasa seo murah - How to Automatic Link Exchange , Instant and Practical this deliberately in order to meet the demand alone postingkan colleagues after visiting Saung Link this blog . He asked "How the hell do I make Automatic Link Exchange as at Saung this link ? .. so kira2 .Multi Paste - Exchanging link among fellow bloggers , usually done by barter script , as I posted earlier in this blog . See the article How to Create a Gadget for Banner Exchange , you can also provide automatic key to exchange links , if the button is clicked , the visitor will be guided to add a link to your blog in their blog obat telat bulan.
Here is a step -by-step How to Build Automated Link Exchange button on blog

Login to blogger with your ID

If you have successfully logged in click on the link Your Blog Name >> Layout >> Add a Gadget refer to the article How to Add a Gadget on the Blog

   obat telat bulan 
Select the type of gadget HTLM / javasript , no need to enter the gadget title in the Title box and then copy the code below and paste it on the box next Content Click Save button to save it .

The source code is action="" method="post">
<input value="FAVORIT" name="widget.title" type="hidden"/> <textarea style="display:none;" name="widget.content"> < a href = " http://multipaste . / "target = " _blank " / > < img border = " 0 " alt = " MULTI PASTE | Sincerity Sowing Harvesting Happiness " > < / a> < / textarea >
<input value="" name="infoUrl" type="hidden"/> pulau pari
<input value="" name="logoUrl" type="hidden"/>
<input value="LINK TO BLOG INI" name="go" type="submit"/> < / form> < / a>
< / center>

Do not forget to replace the red writing with your blog URL , image and link code that you want to display information , see the note at the bottom of this article .

Set Gadgets placement , customize the look of your blog and check out your blog now , see the results , it would appear LINK TO THIS BLOG button , if successful say Alhamudilillah
All pulau pari bloggers know that to increase the traffic of a website / blog one of them is to " link exchange " , the more we link posted in the web / blog of course others better the traffic for our blog . The problem now is there are willing to exchange links with us ? ? or praktiskah how are we doing ? ?
My experience is that newbie kadang2 really lazy back and forth from another pulau pari blog to our blog just to attach a link , yet again we have to wait for approval if the person is willing to put our link ? ? . Many fellow bloggers who do not want to exchange links with blogs that page is still low range .. Several times I was disappointed .. though actually not deserve disappointed because every person has the right to not want to exchange links with us .. several times I plug rekan2 blog link , when visiting .. No offer a link exchange .. yeah i plug .. , then send coment on his blog . or via the contact form that is available .. even via email , just let you know . if we attach the link he .. and we asked him to put our link pulau pari ... a few days later, no answer . , , "sorry I can not .. Page range because you are low .... , sorry I was busy .. etc. , arrogant .. duh .. mending still no answer .. because there are many who do not respond at all . Duh .. fate .. fate .. I want to remove the link anymore .. nambah2 work . Finally ... duh .. .. yaah .. leave it lah .. praying ... hopefully ... opened her door ... duh .. duh.apalagi ya .. .
Fortunately when googling to blog rekan2 like ateonsoft or yanmartha I find this way of automatic link exchange ... . This way I think it has the advantage of being automatic , instant and practical because we own the store link .. without waiting for the consent of the owner of the blog . With basic and considerations which I am providing the Automatic Link Exchange . On this blog pulau pari  .
To make the automatic link exchange , source code needed to be installed your blog . Installation of source code does not directly manage even have some friends who have problems or do not work because the script is not running properly . I experienced something like this too , in one of my other blog posts and even that is still not accessible .. ndak know .. why .. egp ..!
It is too much ado basinya .. mending immediately wrote to pokmas aka principal problem of how to make link exchange page obat pembesar penis  automatic , instant and practical . For this is based on the steps I've done roughly as follows . :

Please register here , free of charge . Fill your data .. continue to open your email and confirm by clicking on the given code .
Once you can confirm via email , please login with your User ID and password during registration earlier .
Select the Wizard , select the server blog .. for example .. Blogger ( new or ' upgraded ' ) , obat pembesar penis continue to select the Original Auto - Linkies , if it is just click generate code
You 'll get two kinds of source code for link exchange or link exchange . 1 remember the source code must be entered at you and logger source code 2 inputs dipostingan or side bar .
To save the source code examples <script type="text/javascript" 1 src=""> < / script > - > Log in to your Blogger dashboard ( for those who use blogspot ) , then select edit HTML menu , then paste the code below <head> 1 , continue to save the template .

Create a new post ( in HTML mode ) or a new page and give alat bantu sex an introduction , then paste the source code 2 below . Postingannya example :

<p> For the Sahaba who want to exchange links with this blog can be done automatically . How: Please input the name and address of your blog URL and then click Enter. Allah willing, the link will automatically direct attached at Saung Link.

< script type = "text / javascript "

Look above the green color code is the source code 2
7 . To facilitate others put our link , then you should put a link or banner html code we like the example here .Hello blogger mania , alat bantu sex this time Blogeraceh want to share a very good tutorial important for my friend who is difficult or does not have time to go online at any time and edit edit a blog . This is a tutorial on how to make link exchange and get backlinks automatically even without buddy had online and disorderly HTML again .Maybe my friend is also interested in making emoticons when visitors comment , so my friend can see Blogeraceh previous post on how to create emoticons in blog comments . okay immediately wrote us to the point.Auto Backlink or so-called automatic link exchange is desirable to collect a lot of people in a very strong attachment between the members of the blog . Link exchange does pulau tidung have many benefits and uses that very useful .
Function of link exchange is to create links that point to your blog page so it will be much easier our blog indexed in search engines . Not only that , link exchange will also increase visitor traffic on your blog kita.Untuk who want to exchange links automatically , is easy enough .
Read more : # ixzz2jLNoyNCAProhibited from using the copy and paste articles without source link - DMCA ProtectedFollow us : @ ravdania pulau tidung on Twitter | pemakan.worell on Facebook

Register to become a member first in www.simply -
After the success of the Log
Select the Create New List
If it is then it appears Script provided by the simply -linked
Copy and Paste the script in place that my friend wanted, could in Widget or Post as the example below .
8 . After successfully making this automatic link exchange , the last step is equally important .. is ... Thanksgiving 's how:

Enter this link , title Saung Link to Url alat bantu sex
Act and let me know via comments , I 'll let you visit the blog . hehehe ....
Good luck! ! ! Best wishes.
Thus kira2 and for seniors .. if there is less or no experience / other tips in how this automatic link exchange please add the wrote in the comments .. rekan2 let others know as well ..

Thanks ya .. , please comment and reviews on Alexa
If you wish, share with alat bantu sex colleagues via the share button below .
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E - referrer is a widget that has a record function sites - blogs that send visitors to your blog .
with the facility , you can use it as a simple automatic link exchange facilities easily ( live + list copy and paste the script ) , it's just that this script will not give you a backlink on the blog partner as formatted javascript
This widget referrer will make visiting partners and bloggers became more excited or send link exchange visitor on your blog , because the visitor sends , automatically addresses your jasa pembuatan toko online murah  blog / website they will appear in the widget referrer .
At the bottom of the widget , you should set up a blog link code for easy copy and paste the prospective partner
Sources : # ixzz2jLNVBG4f pasang iklan online


Function of link exchange is to create links that point to your blog page so it will be much easier our blog indexed in search engines .

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