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Friday, December 27, 2013

Cara meningkatkan jumlah kunjungan visitor perhari

How to increase the number of visitors per day -visitor is one purpose blogs . There are so many ways done by the bloggers to increase visitor visit their blogs , including mine . Visitor not just pengunjunga Hannya , but also able to create a blog visitorlah that you are able to earn an income .AGEN JUDI DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYAA blog that has a lot of visitors are certainly more famous blogs Hannya have a little visitor . There are several reasons a blogger wants to make their blogs get a lot of visitors , including :

1 . Want to blog them famous
2 . Want to blog they can get perngahasilan
3 . Or even both

Actually there are many ways that can be traveled to be able to get that many visitors . How is there an easy way and some are difficult , so many bloggers are still getting visitors that bit because it is not a difficult technique to master . But some techniques that I know you guys might be able to read for a while .

1 . Use Keyword eternal
Sounds like the name suggests , is able to provide a perpetual keyword traffic or visitors that never stopped , because of the nature of this eternal keywords will live forever . Maksu life here is not the one keyword that mmapu move but it will continue in the keyword search on a search engine he interrupted . Choosing keywords perennial also need to have certain techniques . It is the eternal competition keyword will be a lot of competitors , but it does not hurt you mencobnaya . If you want to create a lasting keywords would I suggest to you to read the article how to make a lasting keywords . If you have not applied this technique , it is advisable you apply , as these keywords will continue to live forever jasa desain toko online murah .

2 . Raise your blog page range
In the event that there are so many blogs pagerange bloggers , there are menganggapp is not important and some are considered important . If according to my own blog page range is very important . If you fikir well well, what is the purpose of in her pagerange ? Of course the goal is to distinguish the better blogs with blogs that bad . So it can be concluded that the blogs that have high page range have higher quality compared with the blog page that has a low range . While Google itself is more like a quality blog in Bangding with blogs that are not qualified .

3 . promotion blog
How well you perform well in barengi seo techniques with the promotion . Promasi guys here can be compared to merchandise , even though the goods are good quality but not otherwise promoted nonetheless rarely bought , and it also applies to blogs . In terms of promotion a lot of ways to do it , ranging from making backlinks , promoting in SosMed , promoting in forums , and much more .

4 . Make a quality article
Creating a quality article can also meanikkan visitor , if the visitor assess if the article you are qualified and can provide benefits , the greater the likelihood a visitor will become a follower of your blog, and he can become a permanent visitor on your blog . Quality articles can also inspire other bloggers , and not the things that other bloggers may not create articles about your blog , and finally is an impact on the increase in the number of visitors .

5 . pray
Do not forget this if you are indeed believers . Prayer is very important if you really want to get a lot of visitors , because no one can make us grow visitor except god , we Hannya in the invite to try , and then god is what determines the outcome of your efforts . The term plot we can make like this . You try - > then submit the results ( good or Voom ) to god - > you pray ( in order given good results ) - > grateful ( if you guys give good results )

Well , that's some way that I know of , if you have a miraculous way ,AGEN JUDI POKER , AGEN JUDI DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA maybe you can share to your friends other friends in the comments field . If there are words that are less good or difficult in understanding that I apologize , because I was a newbie . if you deign please read my article : how businesses on the internet

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

An entrepreneur is creating a new business to take the risk and uncertainty in order to achieve profit and growth by identifying opportunities and combining the resources necessary to establish it. (Photo: peerpower)

You're ready to throwProjector saturation work of pkl pkl 9 to 5 and start opening your business?, But you need more than just a victory for the guts and ideas move from employee to entrepreneur. It is not easy and may require a large fee before achieving success.

More than half of new businesses fail after five years running! The main reason, lack of experience, funds or management skills.

Here are 10 key qualities needed to be successful entrepreneurs. Some of them might already have in your personality, while others should continue to be developed.

1. Specialized knowledge
You must have specialized knowledge related to the business that will be run. Without knowing the ins and outs of a particular product or market dynamics, you put yourself up for failure. Lack of knowledge will make bad decisions and learn from costly mistakes is not easy for entrepreneurs. When you are setting up a business, there is only one narrow opportunity - one or at most two years - where you have to be successful before you run out of resources or energy. Regardless of the specific knowledge, you also need to understand the basic areas of your business and trade quickly, ranging from accounts and administration to marketing and production.

2. Confident
Launching a new business is a struggle and without the confidence and ability to see the situation, it will be easily destroyed. Employees reflect the moral entrepreneurs and if they feel you are dishonest or unsafe, they will become restless and no motivation. You have to learn to save the fear and anxiety in the hearts and merefkeksikannya personally. Before the public, you must be a figure of calm and confident.

3. Tenacity
The ability to view the situation is a quality that a successful entrepreneur. Such a person is able to survive in an uncertain business conditions with persistence and tenacity. Strong will be needed in the early stages of business, even when small shocks occurring in the business. Employers must learn to rise from failure encountered.

4. Proper motivation
Why do you want to start your business? Is simply to make a lot of money so you can buy a condo? Is there something higher that drives you? Entrepreneurs who have the motivation is higher than the value of the rich tend to build a business that can last a long time. They are driven by the desire to create something worthwhile. They provide benefits in their environment by providing products and services that are unique or do something with a better way to provide welfare for everyone. Of course, they also become significantly richer, but it is rarely used as the main motivation.

5. Creativity and innovation
Creativity is the ability to provide unique solutions to problems. Successful entrepreneurs adopt creative problem-solving techniques to address the challenges. Creative and innovative thinking that is so needed in all areas, from the market to fill the void, and visualize products with systems and procedures more efficient and cost effective. Sometimes, it only takes one good idea to change fortune put out of business and a good product.

6. Strategic outlook
No successful entrepreneur without a strategic view to change a lot of things. What steps should be taken in the future? What new products are launched? operations should be consolidated or expansion? capital investment of money or build up? what competitors step further? Will economic decline? The answers to these questions depend on the strategic view of the entrepreneur. Businessmen who had long crisscrossing the business world have the experience or just by relying on having a good chance to succeed because they can sense which way the wind is blowing and will steer the wheel in the direction of the wind.

7. Leadership
An entrepreneur has to be a leader. Leadership is a quality that provides guidance and inspiration to those who see you. Many people are fortunate to be born with leadership qualities. For others, a skill gained from hard work and experience. However, no successful entrepreneur without the leadership qualities to motivate people working with him, encourage them to give their best and specify the direction they are heading.

8. Eliminating the ego
Entrepreneurs with high ego could not appreciate the views of others except their own. They are easily offended and talented people who willProjectorfind it difficult to work with. This could be the base of the problem. Employees with a degree of self-respect and intelligence will leave the organization or trying a low profile at work. They are ambitious to say the boss only what he wants to hear. Selfish businessman who can not judge employees on the terms of their contribution to the company. They will judge it from the standpoint of likes and dislikes. Such entrepreneurs will be dining competitors.

9. The ability to turn
Flexibility in thinking is the key qualities for entrepreneurs. They should be able to change their views and strategies based on the situation. To do so, the ego needs to be eliminated. If you have such properties, you will not admit you've made mistakes and refuse to take responsibility for your decisions. Entrepreneurs who selfishly continue to pour money for projects that have no hope of benefit. One of the best-known example - which is jasa seo terbaik still taught in business school - which has the ability to turn is Microsoft. The company ignored the popular Internet phenomenon began when dipenjuru world. After two years of ignoring it, Microsoft is reviewing its position and "turned the company in a heartbeat." In making the change, the company dealing with new technologies, acquisitions, new product release, and is now at the forefront of the Internet revolution. All of this would never have happened if the top managers are not flexible in the approach and humble enough to say "We have made a mistake in this case."

10. Ethics
Ethics is the biggest factor that heard the prospects of the company for the long term. Associates - suppliers, consumers, employees, bankers, shareholders - do not like to deal with a dishonest businessman. They will be difficult to eliminate her pain and should always be vigilant. Honesty and ethics are the seeds of confidence and when other people start to trust you, which will open many doors.

Characteristics of entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur is creating a new business to take the risk and uncertainty in order to achieve profit and growth by identifying opportunities and combining the resources necessary to establish it. Researchers have spent time and effort in this decade to get a clear picture of the personality of the entrepreneur. Some characteristics that entrepreneurs tend to look at them:

1. Liked responsibility
Entrepreneurs feel personally responsible for the results of the company they prefer terlibat.Mereka can control the resources of their own and use such resources to achieve the goals that have been set himself.

2. More Liked medium risk
An entrepreneur is not a wild risk taker but aProjectorperson who takes calculated risks. Unlike gamblers, entrepreneurs do not like to gamble. Entrepreneurs see a business with a level of understanding of personal risk. Ideals may seem high even impossible achieved by others' perceptions, but entrepreneurs see the situation from a different viewpoint and believe that their goals are reasonable and achievable. They usually look at opportunities in the region corresponding to the knowledge, background and experience that will increase the likelihood of success.

3. Confidence in their ability to succeed (optimistic)
Entrepreneurs generally have a lot of confidence in the ability to succeed. They tend to be optimistic about their chances of success and optimism are usually based on reality. One of the researchers from the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB-USA) states that one-third of entrepreneurs assess their chances of success 100%, high levels of optimism would be able to explain why the most successful entrepreneurs ever failed in business, sometimes more than once before finally .

4. The desire to get
Entrepreneurs want to know how well they work and constantly look for confirmation.

5. High energy level
The entrepreneur is more energetic than the average person. That energy is extraordinary considering the determinants of business needed to establish a company. Working hard for a long time is something unusual.

6. Orintasi forward
Entrepreneurs have a strong sense in looking for opportunities. They look forward and not be so concerned what was done yesterday but rather to question what will be done tomorrow.

7. Organizational skills
Build a company "from scratch" can be thought of as connecting pieces of a big picture. The entrepreneurs know how to gather the right people to complete the task. Merging people and work effectively enable the business to change foresight becomes reality.

8.Menilai achievement higher than money
One of the most common misconceptions about entrepreneurship is the assumption that they are fully motivated by the desire to make money. In contrast, achievement appears to be the main motivation of entrepreneurs, money is just a way of "keeping score". A business researcher said jasa seo bergaransi : "what makes entrepreneurs developed more complex and more sublime than just money. (Rf: Essentials of entrepreneurship and small business management)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Joomla is quite well known and well liked more than the rival Drupal

Joomla is quite well known and well liked more than the rival Drupal. agen alat bantu sex There is no denying it is more and more people are using the more joomla also are always looking for weaknesses in joomla joomla own official website even once terhack by people who are experts in their field. But this time we get rid of the security problem first because for those of you who have never created a web of joomla let alone thought about kemanannya but how to make it alone was a headache: devilishgrin:

Well for that here I'll give you a little info on how to create a website with Joomla without the need to upload the files joomlanya first because we will make use of the free hosting services that support fantastico installer. Actually, not only joomla, but when you really want to learn a little of course drupal, wordpress can be easily created. Here are the steps that you can follow ..

1. First we need is a domain address. For those who do not have their own domain name please register first at

2. Choose a domain name you like and then immediately do the setup and select Manage DNS

3. In the server name field we input the following

4. And then click Finish setup.

5. Now we get into Then click signup. Here I recommend hosting to byethost because in addition to having a large enough capacity also support fantastico installer premises

6. Fill in with complete data, then click the signup confirmation email.

7. Go to the control panel with the account given by byethost after that we click Addon Domains

8. Write the domain that you previously created earlier and click create Domain.

9. Return to the control panel and on the menu software / services we click fantastico type installer

10. Choose a domain we had then click proceed

11. Well at this stage of the Select install script there you can choose one of 27 available software. Because we will make the web with our then click install Joomla on Joomla 1.5.10 now. But if you want to try memebuat with drupal web or blog from wordpress so please aja jokowarino  ..

12. In the third stage there we can choose our store where the uninstall files. Click install complate

13. Well after that will appear describing the url address and survived admin joomla website first so you now have a direct and can be edited to change the look or add a certain item2.

How to install:

1. Log in to your Joomla admin panel
2. No Extensions menu click install / uninstall
3. browse the file downlod link below and then click upload file & install
4. Success in today click template installation management
5. Click the administrator
6. JB Simpla made as a default template.

How to Make Easy
Websites With

1. Joomla Installation Preparation
Before installing joomla, we have to Preparing the software
supporters to joomla can run on our computer. Program
needed ie Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Because complicated when should
one-on-one install the software then I suggest here to
using XAMPP software. To obtain the software please
downloaded first in
Or you can download at on the menu
Latest download.
Once the download is complete, then the software will DoubleClick
information appears as follows:

alat bantu sex Just click OK and then click next. After that will appear as the description
the following:
Let xampp is installed by default in c: \ xampp. Setlah it clicks
next and on xampp options leave as it is and click install.

Wait a few moments and then click finish. This will bring up information
whether to run xampp now or not? Then we click yes. For
running Apache and MySQL then change the status of a running

2. Installing Joomla
Once XAMPP terinsatall on your computer, download the joomla package in Here I will explain with Joomla version 1.5.2. When
Just downloaded the latest version just because the steps will not be
much different. Create a new folder in C: \ xampp \ htdocs with the name of learning
Extrack joomla files (usually shaped zipped) folder learning. Step
The next is open up your browser and typing http://localhost/belajar

Select the language that you understand, or stick with the language
The default is English. Click next when it set the language. After
it will appear as shown below

In the Connection Settings menu there is a database type, host name, user
name, database name, etc.. In type select mysql database, the Host Name us
enter localhost, leave the password blank for the list, then the Database Name
we write dbjoomla. Click next then it will appear as shown below. We
select No and then click next again.
On Main Configuration we fill our data such as Site Name, Email,
passwords, etc.. For example here I write Learning Joomla on a Web Name

and email please fill in with your own email. And for the password input
with the name of trying (passwords will be used at login). Notice in the screen
underneath ..
Click the install sample data, after it
the tone aka complete description
then we proceed step by
click next. If successful then
will display a description of that
joomla installation has been successful ..
Close your browser.
The final step we are learning we open the folder at C: \ xampp \ htdocs \ learning
and delete the folder called installer

Well now try to re-open the browser and typing http://localhost/belajar
it looks like this will be

Ok. Now you already have your own website ... To go to the panel
admin typing the following url http://localhost/belajar/administrator
To log in on our typing username admin name and password to try
If successful then we go to our web admin panel penjualan alat bantu sex .

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Memulai Bisnis Dari Hobby Menggambar

Each person must have a hobby . Anybody have a hobby of reading , sports , listening to music , collecting certain objects , drawing , taking care of plants , and so on projector .
Doing what the hobby or avocation of course is always fun , because in doing these activities involve the feelings of people who do . Even sometimes can forget everything . Forget to eat , forget to sleep , forget time .
A business is an effort to produce a good or service in order to get more value or profit . To be able to run a business properly so that the business can stay afloat , or even continue to grow , must be planned and calculated carefully , both in terms of capital , production and marketing . In addition to these things , other things that are important in running a business is the passion . Passion or spirit in the run .
Businesses that started from a hobby is usually more successful because of doing business is really done by the love and fondness in the field . Because based on the love and expertise that is very controlled , then the spirit will be maintained , attention will be poured , and innovations will be explored .
jual beli projector For people who have a hobby of drawing , usually this activity was originally just a drawing talents for personal enjoyment . But this drawing hobby into a business can be a very potential and promising profits .
Many areas of the business that can be run from the drawing hobby , such as : business cards , business sketches , caricature painting business , business comic , t-shirt painting business , business mukena painting , and so on .

As a simple illustration , there is a high school kid who happens to have a hobby of reading books and drawing . He made his idol artist picture in a paper size of 5 cm x 20 cm and then laminated and used as bookmarks which he brought and she read in school . There are some friends who were interested wanted made ​​bookmark with a picture of their idol artists . Of the orders of his friends , the children have started a business that generates from drawing hobby . Only with a capital of one sheet of paper HVS , pencil drawings and cost laminating , the child can generate a bookmark 5 pieces for Rp . 10.000 . - Per piece . A result is pretty good for a high school kid projector murah .

Monday, December 16, 2013

its preferred googleMengenali blog Blog Features Liked Google

its preferred googleMengenali blog Blog Features Liked Google
The purpose of the blogger blog is actually a blog that liked his work and also interest many visitors. Some bloggers are competing to create a blog that accompanied the posting useful to pengobatan alternatif searchers and visitors to the blog love blogs. But over time progress , more and more bloggers are springing up in the blogosphere . From the blogs already come with the new learning and do not know much about blogs. This allows the type and number of blogs very much . Google as a webmaster , with many blogs are springing into diminishing quality. Because now this has begun to often we do not get the appropriate information to the keywords that we have entered. To deal with this, you should certainly be able to create a blog that is loved by google . Favored by google certainly fits with the main goal . Provide information that is appropriate and useful for searchers on google pengobatan alternatif eyang djati .
There are so many features that favored google blog . The first is a blog with the order and a clear text link . The second, a blog that offers a site map . As filing your blog page with a link directly to key extending from your blog. If you can bring 100 more links you can separate the site map to the next page . Features favored google blog is a blog that gives further posting helpful articles . Beneficial meaning clearly , accurately and clearly reflect the content . The fourth characteristic is the use of keywords is much sought after by people . The next feature , earned the show name and describe the links or the content of text . Since google does not recognize text contained elements of the picture .
In making title tags and attributes earned describes the content rahasia pengobatan alternatif  of your blog is accurate. Do not use title tags and attributes are very different from much of the contents of your blog . Features other blogs liked by google is diligently examine the contents into your blog postings . Is there a link is dead or not . If there should soon be updated for the convenience of pengujung blog . Further features are working on making the shortest possible parameters and very little because when I use a URL is a sign ? can only search engines can not index the page. The last feature , keep the number of links on your blog in a rational number joko wa.

Friday, December 13, 2013

For many women who want sex for utilizing the tools carried for sexual interaction

For many women who want sex for utilizing the tools carried for sexual interaction , you should be able to utilize the tools that the model is very useful for you . Among the tools used for the support that you will execute when the sexual interaction is a tongue vibrator alat bantu sex . Sex aids were able to have a function for you to tickle the clitoris to the vagina very stimulating sensation . Stimuli that arise due to the effects of vibration which the tongue vibrator that is so powerful as to take advantage of the human tongue tickled . With such a sensation that should be greatly helped when you remove the fantasy - fantasy by making use of the tool . Tool that can bring fantasy - fantasy in women who then were able to create amazing results in arousal that carried sexual interaction .

    " The tongue vibrator into that safe sex aids tuk used , have created a soft material attracted by many people . Consider also aids many fariannya sex guy . "

The tongue vibrator is like a human tongue which can be made ​​to vibrate for many women aroused by the vibration of the tool that is commonly in place in the woman's clitoris . Implement a single sex game or for a partner able to be implemented by utilizing this one tool . Suppose carried out with a partner , you are able to utilize this tool in a general who carried out the heating or referred to fore play . With the fore execute the play properly utilize the tools that can make women become more aroused then the result is astonishing that a passion for sexual interaction carried out . Therefore , it can lead to intimacy and satisfaction for you when execute sexual interactions with your partner . Sex aids this one should be able to bring your own satisfaction for many women who carry out sexual interaction by utilizing this tool while before doing it with your partner . You need to understand that sex alat bantu sex pria aids which can increase the stimulation in women then able to reach the point of climax made ​​lightly .

Sex aids which is made made ​​from soft silicone elastic that it can be very safe when used by women to carry out the sexual interaction with a partner or masturbation execute . Tool that is like a human tongue which is able to vibrate which have very good quality . With quality, which is very good , this one tool should not be ill- smelling delicious with notes of cleanliness are maintained . This one tool that allowed for the morbidly borrowed - lend to others . The subject away from their various effects avail attributable effect utilized in a way that turns and steer capable transmitted diseases . The device is priced at USD 380 . 000 for each set of the tool . With that price you are able to get the utility produced by the sex aids that can make you become more passionate in sexual interactions carried out pertanian .

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

While the so-called modern SEO techniques SEO

For Indonesian Translators friends who already have a website or blog for promoting their business and want to further increase the popularity and visibility of the website and blog and wanted to boost its search rankings in search engines like Google , Yahoo and Bing at the same time acquiring good backlinks , this time , in addition to Indonesian translators pulau tidung Directory which incidentally is the media Special promotion Indonesian translators , has attended 2 engine based directory high pagerank Blogspot ( Pagerank 4 ) the translator should try my friends as a media campaign for your website or blog friends governance .
Both blogspot directory in question here is :

Free Submit Url | Web Directory Blog Indonesia
Indonesia Blog Directory
As we know , the search engine blogspot blog is the most popular and most reliable because of the full support of Internet giant Google Inc. is currently . With promotion in blogspot directory Directory of Translators Indonesian apart from this , of course, will increase the popularity and search ranking of a website and blog friends in search engines , remember some plus that is owned by both the blogspot directory , namely :

Both directories blogspot has had a fairly high PageRank , namely PR4 .
Alexa ranking of both blogspot directory is already quite slim , which is between 150000-250000 for global ranking .
Page viewer and visitor obat pembesar penis vimax per day from both the blogspot directory was quite crowded .
Both of these directories are dofollow blogspot ( specifically for websites or blogs that put up a reciprocal link )
Submit url and articles to many directories is one of the most recommended by the webmater , considering it is very effective to improve and enhance the popularity and ranking of a website or a blog . Even more so when the directory submit url or the article has a high pagerank and are dofollow , so a website or automated blog friends will automatically get a good backlink from these directories .
So , what are you waiting ?Immediately, my friends second visit translator blogspot directory by clicking on the link above or the link .
And do not forget !Make sure your website or blog friends acquire a great backlink from the blogspot directory by placing a reciprocal link that has been provided .
Reliable SEO services or SEO services professionals is as it should be used despite having a high price but trustworthy than you use SEO services are cheap but quality will certainly be futile . Professional SEO services can do here means techniques of SEO techniques in accordance with the needs of the latest google algorithm and the most recent. So to do this SEO technique can not be using ancient techniques . Perhaps it is old-fashioned SEO techniques that you had made ​​a few years back was able to raise to the main page of the website in a very fast and able to last a long time at the top . But this time it can be ascertained that the technique is no longer effective because the algorithm changes constantly updated and undoubtedly led to the modern techniques of SEO techniques are performed by providers of professional SEO services .

SEO is an ancient technique might not be too bad but if we compare with modern SEO techniques will certainly be much better . If the analogy to a cooking appliance , fire will always be needed and is always lit but requires a long process but if you use cookware that is pengobatan alternatif  more modern and advanced course will be faster , effectively and efficiently , and certainly do not waste a lot of energy even though it is hard to do . The illustrations if you will insist on the ancient SEO techniques it will bother wasting time and wasting a lot of time and energy to things that are actually easy to do . Then the SEO service provider should always be able to perform the latest techniques of SEO techniques are simple , easy and does not make you bother .
While the so-called modern SEO techniques SEO is a technique that is not too focused on backlinks but rather focused on shared links . So there is a backlink or absence will not affect much on the optimization results because the search engines have more interest in the website which has a number of shared links is a lot . As if you were still using the backlink to the website that you have raised and able to jump-start your website to the front page it is not an effect of backlinks but the effects of the visitors who come to your website so as to make your website popular and finally in the position of the engine main search . Due to the presence of the visitors will be able to help to lift your website to reach the top pages of search engines . So in conclusion , SEO service provider is now no longer are backlinks and ping uses to improve its website because it is an ancient technique that will gradually erased . But the more modern SEO techniques utilize websites share a link to lift up to the peak of the search engine pages .

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Metode Pembayaran Bisnis Online

Before you get to know pulau tidung more about the ins and outs of online business , then you first need to know the payment method used to send a commission / our income from the internet . Well , what is it? Here are some of the methods of payment that are often used in carrying out transactions on the Internet :1 . Local Bank Account For internet business , you are required to have a bank account , in which case it is a local bank . Due to this you will receive and pay for all the needs of your particular transactions relating to dollars . Usually accounts are often used Indonesian Internet business is BCA and Bank Mandiri . Well , if your relationships are many who use the BCA , you should also use the same as it would be free of tax when transfers between accounts . Likewise if you are many relationships that use INDEPENDENT BANK then you also have to use the account in INDEPENDENT BANK . But do not rule out the possibility that you have to have a bank account in the various internet business if you need it . But that does not mean you have to use the services of the bank , all depending on the needs .2 . Credit cards are usually used for online shopping crate on Ebay ,advertise on Google Adwords andsome merchants require paymentwith a credit card .3 . PayPal PayPal is pengobatan alternatif currently the most popular online payment tool used by internet marketers , in addition to reliable , many merchants that use its services as an online payment tool . You can register for free directly on the official website . In contrast to most bank accounts in general . At PayPal , your account number in the form of an email address . And you can withdraw them at a local bank . Your PayPal account has been verified should also be able to accept unlimited amounts of money . If you still unverifed account , your balance is limited ie a maximum of $ 100 . To verify it , you need a credit card . Pity not everyone has or wants to use a credit card on the internet , whether security or other reasons . The solution isusing VCC ( virtual credit card ) , which is a virtual appliance that can beverify your PayPal account . If you are not yet a verified Paypal account , you canverify in : PayPal verification . You will get support admin to your PayPal account completely verified . For a tutorial how to make a paypal account .4 . AlertPay Although not as popular as PayPal , Alertpay is also an online transaction tool . Alertpay is usually used for PTC ( Pay to Click ) . Alertpay is also safe to use because it uses calledSecureSocket Layer technology ( 128 bit SSL ) , so when doing the transaction , no one can read your information acoount . As with PayPal , here also require verification of your obat pembesar penis vimax account . For a tutorial how to create an accountAlertPay ,5 . Liberty Reserve Liberty Reserve is an online currency that is backed 100 % by U.S. dollars or EURO account . Usually used for forex trading , rental hosting , etc. . Excess use Liberty Reserve is a practical and fast . Once you make a transaction , you immediately get a product that you buy without a delay . And to be able to use Liberty Reserve we do not need to verify it . His office is based in Torre Fuentes del Obilisco 2 do Piso , Codigo Postal 1265 Escazu , Costa Rica , central America which in 2006 was acquired by Mekovar Amed , an economist who has 12 years experience in banking . For a tutorial how to create a Liberty Reserve account .6 . E - Gold E - Gold is an online payment methods that use gold as a measure of value that is adjusted according to the value of pure gold world market . To redeem your E - Gold in the form of dollars , Indonesian merchant that you can use as is www.indochanger.comis the oldest among the E - Gold changer others , established since 2002 and have regular customers in addition to have a stock of dollars and E - Gold are adequate . In the past a lot of people use these services as a transaction , butbecause of outstanding issues expressed E - Gold will go bankrupt , people beganswitch to another service . For a tutorial how to create an accountE - Gold ,7 . Money Bookers Money Bookers is similar to Paypal or Alertpay . To enroll obat aborsi  in the Money Bookers no entrance fee charged or free . Money Bookers and even this also requires verification that can be used fully . Simply write your complete address verification on the account , then in less than 3 weeks you will receive a letter that will be sent to your address whose contents verification code . For a tutorial how to make Money Bookers account

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cara Membuat Anchor Text

Who is not familiar with Blogspot , WordPress and Mywapblog ? they are a service provider Web Host + free subdomain for your jasa pembuatan toko online murah

Differences Blogspot Wordpress SEO Mywapblog In It

Because all three of these sites offer a price that is Free , then services ( facilities ) that you will also get free regular or first-class service .
With this reason , I want to compare from the three sites where the most optimal in the eyes of the Search Engine .
As usual , for simplicity, we compare one by one , starting from : Name Domai , Domain Age , and the last Pluggin Alexa RankHow to Make Anchor Text is actually not an easy job for the Bloggers especially for the Wapper who always dwell in the HTML code .
However , I will explain here is not the usual Anchor Text , which is generally written like this :

Examples of Anchor Text Standard Type : 1
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Anchor Text of this example that I often encounter in the blog that specifically provide Files ( games & software ) :

<a href="url"> click here < / a>

Anchor Text In writing the above seems still far away so if you want to say Anchor Text SEO Friendly . Because writing Hyperlinks are not clear and the addition of Tag Tittle ( an explanation I will discuss below ) .

Examples of Anchor Text Standard Type : 2
Writing Anchor Text Standard Type the two . I usually find that when people make a new article , for example, we are making the article titled " Creating Anchor Text " and want to make Anchor Text that leads to the previous article entitled " Definition of Anchor Text "

Usually , if it happened like that then the author would write most of Anchor Text like this :

please read my previous article titled , <a href="url"> Understanding Anchor Text < / a>

At first glance, might be seen as Anchor Text is Good and Right? however , once again Anchor Text above is not quite worth mentioning Anchort Text is SEO Friendly , because why ? Anchor Text in itself is not in the Title and Keyword Manipulation ( I will describe below ) obat pembesar penis vimax  .

Well , both Anchor Text diataslah most often I encounter when performing Walking Blog .
As per my above title agan share this information into two , namely : How to Create Anchor Text To Visible Natural Anchor Text and How To Make The SEO Friendly .

Domain names
When viewed from the Domain Name was most certainly Mywapblog SEO , can you see , MyWapBlog domains have very SEO wording , because it is composed of the word My , Wap and Blog .

When compared Blogspot composed of words and Spot Blog or WordPress which only contains keywords and Word Press .

Clearly and certainly Domain Mywapblog keywords that have the most sought after .

To facilitate your understanding , I 'll take 2 of each keyword of these domain names and see the results in Googel

▪ Blogspot : I will take and Spot Blog
▪ Mywapblog : I will take the blog and Wap
▪ Wordpress : I will take the Word and Press

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Manfaat Optimalisasi Website sebagai Media Promosi


In the past for having a website is one thing that is very difficult due to pengobatan alternatif  the manufacturing services are very expensive . So that only big companies can afford to have it . But now there are billions of website pages are scattered in cyberspace . Of course, with the development of computer technology and rapid information access and preparation to make the impact on the price is getting cheaper from year to year .
Incessant company that wants a website for his business , it has many reasons for the benefits . Website is considered capable of improving the performance of a business or company . As a media campaign , the website is able to disseminate complete information , not only about the products offered , but also the company profile . So the benefits is to facilitate communication between companies and consumers , clients , or relationships - Many leading companies in Indonesia has given maximum exposure through the contest . If you see carefully in the year 2013 , the number of contests in social networks and the web site is scattered like hotcakes. In addition to the prizes on offer is very tempting , even the amount of the prize can reach tens to hundreds of millions of dollars .
For those of you who do not market their products through social competitions and new media began to plunge into the world of online business , you must have wondered what exactly are the benefits of running a contest ?
Is the positive impact of the contest more than any other means of promotion ? Is the contest cost far less than the cost of advertising ? Is the main purpose of the contest provider ?
Here's a brief analysis Wishpond :
1 . Internet marketing is seen as a media revolution .
When viewed in terms of reach , alat bantu sex  the Internet has indeed been shown to be more effective than other traditional media such as radio and print media . Why so ?
The number of Internet users in the world continues to grow each year , including in the country . A survey conducted Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association ( APJII ) revealed that the number of Internet users in Indonesia in 2013 reached 82 million people , or 30 percent of the total population of this country .
Next year the figure is expected to rise about 31 percent to 107 million and continues to grow to 139 million , or 50 percent of the total population in 2015 . This means that the availability of a large gap that can be exploited by the online business .
2 . The dominance of the organic results in search engines Google , Bing & Yahoo
Now more and more people are searching for goods , services , or information via Google and other popular search engines . That is why an SEO contest always refers to the largest search engine in the world .
The point is clear that the promotion of big - gedean . At the time of the contest then surely there is an article indexation in search engine pages containing articles contest by millions of participants .
Every time a search engine user to enter keywords that match the criteria of the race, then it is definitely a contest article contains product / business you will be plastered on the front of the information seeker . If the article is in the business of reading means the message will contest the puau tidung product provider to the general reader .
Promotion through the contest platform reach even 1000% more powerful than the one in the TV ads , which generally does NOT have an accurate context and relevance to their target audience
3 . The number of users of Social Media and Hp which has skyrocketed in the country
In terms of social media penetration , Indonesia is the second country with the development of social networking users in the world with growth rate of 51.7 % . In addition , according to data from Popsurvey , Indonesia was runner - up with the percentage reached 87.5 % of the total consumption of social media internet users around the world .
As more people access the socmed of Hp and the easy process to enter the contest via mobile social networking , it is not surprising that online contest platform Hp makes you tend to be consumptive and are often seen by their relationship and even shared with their friends .
This creates brand awareness with a solid background and in retrospect MORE EFFECTIVE than the ads on tv that cost is very expensive and is often labeled as a promotional tool that is annoying for some audiences .
Not only that , there are many advantages gained by having a web . If you want a website for business promotion , you can have it . obat telat bulan  If you are not adept at making there are many web services that can be selected. Media One is a cottage located in Semarang and Jakarta . The company focuses on IT , with three fields namely Indonesia web design , web hosting , and internet marketing . You can take advantage of the three fields at once for your business .
Media cottage will be presenting a great web design and attractive according to industry or business. While internet marketing that will disseminate your website and will optimize the website appear on the first halamam search engines ( eg Google ) . While hosting can be utilized , either personally or for your company in web management , blogs , and so on . So Pondok Media will enable you as a means of effective and efficient advertising .

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