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Cara Membuat Anchor Text

Who is not familiar with Blogspot , WordPress and Mywapblog ? they are a service provider Web Host + free subdomain for your jasa pembuatan toko online murah

Differences Blogspot Wordpress SEO Mywapblog In It

Because all three of these sites offer a price that is Free , then services ( facilities ) that you will also get free regular or first-class service .
With this reason , I want to compare from the three sites where the most optimal in the eyes of the Search Engine .
As usual , for simplicity, we compare one by one , starting from : Name Domai , Domain Age , and the last Pluggin Alexa RankHow to Make Anchor Text is actually not an easy job for the Bloggers especially for the Wapper who always dwell in the HTML code .
However , I will explain here is not the usual Anchor Text , which is generally written like this :

Examples of Anchor Text Standard Type : 1
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Anchor Text of this example that I often encounter in the blog that specifically provide Files ( games & software ) :

<a href="url"> click here < / a>

Anchor Text In writing the above seems still far away so if you want to say Anchor Text SEO Friendly . Because writing Hyperlinks are not clear and the addition of Tag Tittle ( an explanation I will discuss below ) .

Examples of Anchor Text Standard Type : 2
Writing Anchor Text Standard Type the two . I usually find that when people make a new article , for example, we are making the article titled " Creating Anchor Text " and want to make Anchor Text that leads to the previous article entitled " Definition of Anchor Text "

Usually , if it happened like that then the author would write most of Anchor Text like this :

please read my previous article titled , <a href="url"> Understanding Anchor Text < / a>

At first glance, might be seen as Anchor Text is Good and Right? however , once again Anchor Text above is not quite worth mentioning Anchort Text is SEO Friendly , because why ? Anchor Text in itself is not in the Title and Keyword Manipulation ( I will describe below ) obat pembesar penis vimax  .

Well , both Anchor Text diataslah most often I encounter when performing Walking Blog .
As per my above title agan share this information into two , namely : How to Create Anchor Text To Visible Natural Anchor Text and How To Make The SEO Friendly .

Domain names
When viewed from the Domain Name was most certainly Mywapblog SEO , can you see , MyWapBlog domains have very SEO wording , because it is composed of the word My , Wap and Blog .

When compared Blogspot composed of words and Spot Blog or WordPress which only contains keywords and Word Press .

Clearly and certainly Domain Mywapblog keywords that have the most sought after .

To facilitate your understanding , I 'll take 2 of each keyword of these domain names and see the results in Googel

▪ Blogspot : I will take and Spot Blog
▪ Mywapblog : I will take the blog and Wap
▪ Wordpress : I will take the Word and Press

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