Friday, December 27, 2013

Cara meningkatkan jumlah kunjungan visitor perhari

How to increase the number of visitors per day -visitor is one purpose blogs . There are so many ways done by the bloggers to increase visitor visit their blogs , including mine . Visitor not just pengunjunga Hannya , but also able to create a blog visitorlah that you are able to earn an income .AGEN JUDI DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYAA blog that has a lot of visitors are certainly more famous blogs Hannya have a little visitor . There are several reasons a blogger wants to make their blogs get a lot of visitors , including :

1 . Want to blog them famous
2 . Want to blog they can get perngahasilan
3 . Or even both

Actually there are many ways that can be traveled to be able to get that many visitors . How is there an easy way and some are difficult , so many bloggers are still getting visitors that bit because it is not a difficult technique to master . But some techniques that I know you guys might be able to read for a while .

1 . Use Keyword eternal
Sounds like the name suggests , is able to provide a perpetual keyword traffic or visitors that never stopped , because of the nature of this eternal keywords will live forever . Maksu life here is not the one keyword that mmapu move but it will continue in the keyword search on a search engine he interrupted . Choosing keywords perennial also need to have certain techniques . It is the eternal competition keyword will be a lot of competitors , but it does not hurt you mencobnaya . If you want to create a lasting keywords would I suggest to you to read the article how to make a lasting keywords . If you have not applied this technique , it is advisable you apply , as these keywords will continue to live forever jasa desain toko online murah .

2 . Raise your blog page range
In the event that there are so many blogs pagerange bloggers , there are menganggapp is not important and some are considered important . If according to my own blog page range is very important . If you fikir well well, what is the purpose of in her pagerange ? Of course the goal is to distinguish the better blogs with blogs that bad . So it can be concluded that the blogs that have high page range have higher quality compared with the blog page that has a low range . While Google itself is more like a quality blog in Bangding with blogs that are not qualified .

3 . promotion blog
How well you perform well in barengi seo techniques with the promotion . Promasi guys here can be compared to merchandise , even though the goods are good quality but not otherwise promoted nonetheless rarely bought , and it also applies to blogs . In terms of promotion a lot of ways to do it , ranging from making backlinks , promoting in SosMed , promoting in forums , and much more .

4 . Make a quality article
Creating a quality article can also meanikkan visitor , if the visitor assess if the article you are qualified and can provide benefits , the greater the likelihood a visitor will become a follower of your blog, and he can become a permanent visitor on your blog . Quality articles can also inspire other bloggers , and not the things that other bloggers may not create articles about your blog , and finally is an impact on the increase in the number of visitors .

5 . pray
Do not forget this if you are indeed believers . Prayer is very important if you really want to get a lot of visitors , because no one can make us grow visitor except god , we Hannya in the invite to try , and then god is what determines the outcome of your efforts . The term plot we can make like this . You try - > then submit the results ( good or Voom ) to god - > you pray ( in order given good results ) - > grateful ( if you guys give good results )

Well , that's some way that I know of , if you have a miraculous way ,AGEN JUDI POKER , AGEN JUDI DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA maybe you can share to your friends other friends in the comments field . If there are words that are less good or difficult in understanding that I apologize , because I was a newbie . if you deign please read my article : how businesses on the internet


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