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An entrepreneur is creating a new business to take the risk and uncertainty in order to achieve profit and growth by identifying opportunities and combining the resources necessary to establish it. (Photo: peerpower)

You're ready to throwProjector saturation work of pkl pkl 9 to 5 and start opening your business?, But you need more than just a victory for the guts and ideas move from employee to entrepreneur. It is not easy and may require a large fee before achieving success.

More than half of new businesses fail after five years running! The main reason, lack of experience, funds or management skills.

Here are 10 key qualities needed to be successful entrepreneurs. Some of them might already have in your personality, while others should continue to be developed.

1. Specialized knowledge
You must have specialized knowledge related to the business that will be run. Without knowing the ins and outs of a particular product or market dynamics, you put yourself up for failure. Lack of knowledge will make bad decisions and learn from costly mistakes is not easy for entrepreneurs. When you are setting up a business, there is only one narrow opportunity - one or at most two years - where you have to be successful before you run out of resources or energy. Regardless of the specific knowledge, you also need to understand the basic areas of your business and trade quickly, ranging from accounts and administration to marketing and production.

2. Confident
Launching a new business is a struggle and without the confidence and ability to see the situation, it will be easily destroyed. Employees reflect the moral entrepreneurs and if they feel you are dishonest or unsafe, they will become restless and no motivation. You have to learn to save the fear and anxiety in the hearts and merefkeksikannya personally. Before the public, you must be a figure of calm and confident.

3. Tenacity
The ability to view the situation is a quality that a successful entrepreneur. Such a person is able to survive in an uncertain business conditions with persistence and tenacity. Strong will be needed in the early stages of business, even when small shocks occurring in the business. Employers must learn to rise from failure encountered.

4. Proper motivation
Why do you want to start your business? Is simply to make a lot of money so you can buy a condo? Is there something higher that drives you? Entrepreneurs who have the motivation is higher than the value of the rich tend to build a business that can last a long time. They are driven by the desire to create something worthwhile. They provide benefits in their environment by providing products and services that are unique or do something with a better way to provide welfare for everyone. Of course, they also become significantly richer, but it is rarely used as the main motivation.

5. Creativity and innovation
Creativity is the ability to provide unique solutions to problems. Successful entrepreneurs adopt creative problem-solving techniques to address the challenges. Creative and innovative thinking that is so needed in all areas, from the market to fill the void, and visualize products with systems and procedures more efficient and cost effective. Sometimes, it only takes one good idea to change fortune put out of business and a good product.

6. Strategic outlook
No successful entrepreneur without a strategic view to change a lot of things. What steps should be taken in the future? What new products are launched? operations should be consolidated or expansion? capital investment of money or build up? what competitors step further? Will economic decline? The answers to these questions depend on the strategic view of the entrepreneur. Businessmen who had long crisscrossing the business world have the experience or just by relying on having a good chance to succeed because they can sense which way the wind is blowing and will steer the wheel in the direction of the wind.

7. Leadership
An entrepreneur has to be a leader. Leadership is a quality that provides guidance and inspiration to those who see you. Many people are fortunate to be born with leadership qualities. For others, a skill gained from hard work and experience. However, no successful entrepreneur without the leadership qualities to motivate people working with him, encourage them to give their best and specify the direction they are heading.

8. Eliminating the ego
Entrepreneurs with high ego could not appreciate the views of others except their own. They are easily offended and talented people who willProjectorfind it difficult to work with. This could be the base of the problem. Employees with a degree of self-respect and intelligence will leave the organization or trying a low profile at work. They are ambitious to say the boss only what he wants to hear. Selfish businessman who can not judge employees on the terms of their contribution to the company. They will judge it from the standpoint of likes and dislikes. Such entrepreneurs will be dining competitors.

9. The ability to turn
Flexibility in thinking is the key qualities for entrepreneurs. They should be able to change their views and strategies based on the situation. To do so, the ego needs to be eliminated. If you have such properties, you will not admit you've made mistakes and refuse to take responsibility for your decisions. Entrepreneurs who selfishly continue to pour money for projects that have no hope of benefit. One of the best-known example - which is jasa seo terbaik still taught in business school - which has the ability to turn is Microsoft. The company ignored the popular Internet phenomenon began when dipenjuru world. After two years of ignoring it, Microsoft is reviewing its position and "turned the company in a heartbeat." In making the change, the company dealing with new technologies, acquisitions, new product release, and is now at the forefront of the Internet revolution. All of this would never have happened if the top managers are not flexible in the approach and humble enough to say "We have made a mistake in this case."

10. Ethics
Ethics is the biggest factor that heard the prospects of the company for the long term. Associates - suppliers, consumers, employees, bankers, shareholders - do not like to deal with a dishonest businessman. They will be difficult to eliminate her pain and should always be vigilant. Honesty and ethics are the seeds of confidence and when other people start to trust you, which will open many doors.

Characteristics of entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur is creating a new business to take the risk and uncertainty in order to achieve profit and growth by identifying opportunities and combining the resources necessary to establish it. Researchers have spent time and effort in this decade to get a clear picture of the personality of the entrepreneur. Some characteristics that entrepreneurs tend to look at them:

1. Liked responsibility
Entrepreneurs feel personally responsible for the results of the company they prefer terlibat.Mereka can control the resources of their own and use such resources to achieve the goals that have been set himself.

2. More Liked medium risk
An entrepreneur is not a wild risk taker but aProjectorperson who takes calculated risks. Unlike gamblers, entrepreneurs do not like to gamble. Entrepreneurs see a business with a level of understanding of personal risk. Ideals may seem high even impossible achieved by others' perceptions, but entrepreneurs see the situation from a different viewpoint and believe that their goals are reasonable and achievable. They usually look at opportunities in the region corresponding to the knowledge, background and experience that will increase the likelihood of success.

3. Confidence in their ability to succeed (optimistic)
Entrepreneurs generally have a lot of confidence in the ability to succeed. They tend to be optimistic about their chances of success and optimism are usually based on reality. One of the researchers from the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB-USA) states that one-third of entrepreneurs assess their chances of success 100%, high levels of optimism would be able to explain why the most successful entrepreneurs ever failed in business, sometimes more than once before finally .

4. The desire to get
Entrepreneurs want to know how well they work and constantly look for confirmation.

5. High energy level
The entrepreneur is more energetic than the average person. That energy is extraordinary considering the determinants of business needed to establish a company. Working hard for a long time is something unusual.

6. Orintasi forward
Entrepreneurs have a strong sense in looking for opportunities. They look forward and not be so concerned what was done yesterday but rather to question what will be done tomorrow.

7. Organizational skills
Build a company "from scratch" can be thought of as connecting pieces of a big picture. The entrepreneurs know how to gather the right people to complete the task. Merging people and work effectively enable the business to change foresight becomes reality.

8.Menilai achievement higher than money
One of the most common misconceptions about entrepreneurship is the assumption that they are fully motivated by the desire to make money. In contrast, achievement appears to be the main motivation of entrepreneurs, money is just a way of "keeping score". A business researcher said jasa seo bergaransi : "what makes entrepreneurs developed more complex and more sublime than just money. (Rf: Essentials of entrepreneurship and small business management)


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