Wednesday, December 11, 2013

While the so-called modern SEO techniques SEO

For Indonesian Translators friends who already have a website or blog for promoting their business and want to further increase the popularity and visibility of the website and blog and wanted to boost its search rankings in search engines like Google , Yahoo and Bing at the same time acquiring good backlinks , this time , in addition to Indonesian translators pulau tidung Directory which incidentally is the media Special promotion Indonesian translators , has attended 2 engine based directory high pagerank Blogspot ( Pagerank 4 ) the translator should try my friends as a media campaign for your website or blog friends governance .
Both blogspot directory in question here is :

Free Submit Url | Web Directory Blog Indonesia
Indonesia Blog Directory
As we know , the search engine blogspot blog is the most popular and most reliable because of the full support of Internet giant Google Inc. is currently . With promotion in blogspot directory Directory of Translators Indonesian apart from this , of course, will increase the popularity and search ranking of a website and blog friends in search engines , remember some plus that is owned by both the blogspot directory , namely :

Both directories blogspot has had a fairly high PageRank , namely PR4 .
Alexa ranking of both blogspot directory is already quite slim , which is between 150000-250000 for global ranking .
Page viewer and visitor obat pembesar penis vimax per day from both the blogspot directory was quite crowded .
Both of these directories are dofollow blogspot ( specifically for websites or blogs that put up a reciprocal link )
Submit url and articles to many directories is one of the most recommended by the webmater , considering it is very effective to improve and enhance the popularity and ranking of a website or a blog . Even more so when the directory submit url or the article has a high pagerank and are dofollow , so a website or automated blog friends will automatically get a good backlink from these directories .
So , what are you waiting ?Immediately, my friends second visit translator blogspot directory by clicking on the link above or the link .
And do not forget !Make sure your website or blog friends acquire a great backlink from the blogspot directory by placing a reciprocal link that has been provided .
Reliable SEO services or SEO services professionals is as it should be used despite having a high price but trustworthy than you use SEO services are cheap but quality will certainly be futile . Professional SEO services can do here means techniques of SEO techniques in accordance with the needs of the latest google algorithm and the most recent. So to do this SEO technique can not be using ancient techniques . Perhaps it is old-fashioned SEO techniques that you had made ​​a few years back was able to raise to the main page of the website in a very fast and able to last a long time at the top . But this time it can be ascertained that the technique is no longer effective because the algorithm changes constantly updated and undoubtedly led to the modern techniques of SEO techniques are performed by providers of professional SEO services .

SEO is an ancient technique might not be too bad but if we compare with modern SEO techniques will certainly be much better . If the analogy to a cooking appliance , fire will always be needed and is always lit but requires a long process but if you use cookware that is pengobatan alternatif  more modern and advanced course will be faster , effectively and efficiently , and certainly do not waste a lot of energy even though it is hard to do . The illustrations if you will insist on the ancient SEO techniques it will bother wasting time and wasting a lot of time and energy to things that are actually easy to do . Then the SEO service provider should always be able to perform the latest techniques of SEO techniques are simple , easy and does not make you bother .
While the so-called modern SEO techniques SEO is a technique that is not too focused on backlinks but rather focused on shared links . So there is a backlink or absence will not affect much on the optimization results because the search engines have more interest in the website which has a number of shared links is a lot . As if you were still using the backlink to the website that you have raised and able to jump-start your website to the front page it is not an effect of backlinks but the effects of the visitors who come to your website so as to make your website popular and finally in the position of the engine main search . Due to the presence of the visitors will be able to help to lift your website to reach the top pages of search engines . So in conclusion , SEO service provider is now no longer are backlinks and ping uses to improve its website because it is an ancient technique that will gradually erased . But the more modern SEO techniques utilize websites share a link to lift up to the peak of the search engine pages .


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