Thursday, December 19, 2013

Memulai Bisnis Dari Hobby Menggambar

Each person must have a hobby . Anybody have a hobby of reading , sports , listening to music , collecting certain objects , drawing , taking care of plants , and so on projector .
Doing what the hobby or avocation of course is always fun , because in doing these activities involve the feelings of people who do . Even sometimes can forget everything . Forget to eat , forget to sleep , forget time .
A business is an effort to produce a good or service in order to get more value or profit . To be able to run a business properly so that the business can stay afloat , or even continue to grow , must be planned and calculated carefully , both in terms of capital , production and marketing . In addition to these things , other things that are important in running a business is the passion . Passion or spirit in the run .
Businesses that started from a hobby is usually more successful because of doing business is really done by the love and fondness in the field . Because based on the love and expertise that is very controlled , then the spirit will be maintained , attention will be poured , and innovations will be explored .
jual beli projector For people who have a hobby of drawing , usually this activity was originally just a drawing talents for personal enjoyment . But this drawing hobby into a business can be a very potential and promising profits .
Many areas of the business that can be run from the drawing hobby , such as : business cards , business sketches , caricature painting business , business comic , t-shirt painting business , business mukena painting , and so on .

As a simple illustration , there is a high school kid who happens to have a hobby of reading books and drawing . He made his idol artist picture in a paper size of 5 cm x 20 cm and then laminated and used as bookmarks which he brought and she read in school . There are some friends who were interested wanted made ​​bookmark with a picture of their idol artists . Of the orders of his friends , the children have started a business that generates from drawing hobby . Only with a capital of one sheet of paper HVS , pencil drawings and cost laminating , the child can generate a bookmark 5 pieces for Rp . 10.000 . - Per piece . A result is pretty good for a high school kid projector murah .


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