Saturday, December 7, 2013

Metode Pembayaran Bisnis Online

Before you get to know pulau tidung more about the ins and outs of online business , then you first need to know the payment method used to send a commission / our income from the internet . Well , what is it? Here are some of the methods of payment that are often used in carrying out transactions on the Internet :1 . Local Bank Account For internet business , you are required to have a bank account , in which case it is a local bank . Due to this you will receive and pay for all the needs of your particular transactions relating to dollars . Usually accounts are often used Indonesian Internet business is BCA and Bank Mandiri . Well , if your relationships are many who use the BCA , you should also use the same as it would be free of tax when transfers between accounts . Likewise if you are many relationships that use INDEPENDENT BANK then you also have to use the account in INDEPENDENT BANK . But do not rule out the possibility that you have to have a bank account in the various internet business if you need it . But that does not mean you have to use the services of the bank , all depending on the needs .2 . Credit cards are usually used for online shopping crate on Ebay ,advertise on Google Adwords andsome merchants require paymentwith a credit card .3 . PayPal PayPal is pengobatan alternatif currently the most popular online payment tool used by internet marketers , in addition to reliable , many merchants that use its services as an online payment tool . You can register for free directly on the official website . In contrast to most bank accounts in general . At PayPal , your account number in the form of an email address . And you can withdraw them at a local bank . Your PayPal account has been verified should also be able to accept unlimited amounts of money . If you still unverifed account , your balance is limited ie a maximum of $ 100 . To verify it , you need a credit card . Pity not everyone has or wants to use a credit card on the internet , whether security or other reasons . The solution isusing VCC ( virtual credit card ) , which is a virtual appliance that can beverify your PayPal account . If you are not yet a verified Paypal account , you canverify in : PayPal verification . You will get support admin to your PayPal account completely verified . For a tutorial how to make a paypal account .4 . AlertPay Although not as popular as PayPal , Alertpay is also an online transaction tool . Alertpay is usually used for PTC ( Pay to Click ) . Alertpay is also safe to use because it uses calledSecureSocket Layer technology ( 128 bit SSL ) , so when doing the transaction , no one can read your information acoount . As with PayPal , here also require verification of your obat pembesar penis vimax account . For a tutorial how to create an accountAlertPay ,5 . Liberty Reserve Liberty Reserve is an online currency that is backed 100 % by U.S. dollars or EURO account . Usually used for forex trading , rental hosting , etc. . Excess use Liberty Reserve is a practical and fast . Once you make a transaction , you immediately get a product that you buy without a delay . And to be able to use Liberty Reserve we do not need to verify it . His office is based in Torre Fuentes del Obilisco 2 do Piso , Codigo Postal 1265 Escazu , Costa Rica , central America which in 2006 was acquired by Mekovar Amed , an economist who has 12 years experience in banking . For a tutorial how to create a Liberty Reserve account .6 . E - Gold E - Gold is an online payment methods that use gold as a measure of value that is adjusted according to the value of pure gold world market . To redeem your E - Gold in the form of dollars , Indonesian merchant that you can use as is www.indochanger.comis the oldest among the E - Gold changer others , established since 2002 and have regular customers in addition to have a stock of dollars and E - Gold are adequate . In the past a lot of people use these services as a transaction , butbecause of outstanding issues expressed E - Gold will go bankrupt , people beganswitch to another service . For a tutorial how to create an accountE - Gold ,7 . Money Bookers Money Bookers is similar to Paypal or Alertpay . To enroll obat aborsi  in the Money Bookers no entrance fee charged or free . Money Bookers and even this also requires verification that can be used fully . Simply write your complete address verification on the account , then in less than 3 weeks you will receive a letter that will be sent to your address whose contents verification code . For a tutorial how to make Money Bookers account