Monday, December 16, 2013

its preferred googleMengenali blog Blog Features Liked Google

its preferred googleMengenali blog Blog Features Liked Google
The purpose of the blogger blog is actually a blog that liked his work and also interest many visitors. Some bloggers are competing to create a blog that accompanied the posting useful to pengobatan alternatif searchers and visitors to the blog love blogs. But over time progress , more and more bloggers are springing up in the blogosphere . From the blogs already come with the new learning and do not know much about blogs. This allows the type and number of blogs very much . Google as a webmaster , with many blogs are springing into diminishing quality. Because now this has begun to often we do not get the appropriate information to the keywords that we have entered. To deal with this, you should certainly be able to create a blog that is loved by google . Favored by google certainly fits with the main goal . Provide information that is appropriate and useful for searchers on google pengobatan alternatif eyang djati .
There are so many features that favored google blog . The first is a blog with the order and a clear text link . The second, a blog that offers a site map . As filing your blog page with a link directly to key extending from your blog. If you can bring 100 more links you can separate the site map to the next page . Features favored google blog is a blog that gives further posting helpful articles . Beneficial meaning clearly , accurately and clearly reflect the content . The fourth characteristic is the use of keywords is much sought after by people . The next feature , earned the show name and describe the links or the content of text . Since google does not recognize text contained elements of the picture .
In making title tags and attributes earned describes the content rahasia pengobatan alternatif  of your blog is accurate. Do not use title tags and attributes are very different from much of the contents of your blog . Features other blogs liked by google is diligently examine the contents into your blog postings . Is there a link is dead or not . If there should soon be updated for the convenience of pengujung blog . Further features are working on making the shortest possible parameters and very little because when I use a URL is a sign ? can only search engines can not index the page. The last feature , keep the number of links on your blog in a rational number joko wa.


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