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Joomla is quite well known and well liked more than the rival Drupal

Joomla is quite well known and well liked more than the rival Drupal. agen alat bantu sex There is no denying it is more and more people are using the more joomla also are always looking for weaknesses in joomla joomla own official website even once terhack by people who are experts in their field. But this time we get rid of the security problem first because for those of you who have never created a web of joomla let alone thought about kemanannya but how to make it alone was a headache: devilishgrin:

Well for that here I'll give you a little info on how to create a website with Joomla without the need to upload the files joomlanya first because we will make use of the free hosting services that support fantastico installer. Actually, not only joomla, but when you really want to learn a little of course drupal, wordpress can be easily created. Here are the steps that you can follow ..

1. First we need is a domain address. For those who do not have their own domain name please register first at

2. Choose a domain name you like and then immediately do the setup and select Manage DNS

3. In the server name field we input the following

4. And then click Finish setup.

5. Now we get into Then click signup. Here I recommend hosting to byethost because in addition to having a large enough capacity also support fantastico installer premises

6. Fill in with complete data, then click the signup confirmation email.

7. Go to the control panel with the account given by byethost after that we click Addon Domains

8. Write the domain that you previously created earlier and click create Domain.

9. Return to the control panel and on the menu software / services we click fantastico type installer

10. Choose a domain we had then click proceed

11. Well at this stage of the Select install script there you can choose one of 27 available software. Because we will make the web with our then click install Joomla on Joomla 1.5.10 now. But if you want to try memebuat with drupal web or blog from wordpress so please aja jokowarino  ..

12. In the third stage there we can choose our store where the uninstall files. Click install complate

13. Well after that will appear describing the url address and survived admin joomla website first so you now have a direct and can be edited to change the look or add a certain item2.

How to install:

1. Log in to your Joomla admin panel
2. No Extensions menu click install / uninstall
3. browse the file downlod link below and then click upload file & install
4. Success in today click template installation management
5. Click the administrator
6. JB Simpla made as a default template.

How to Make Easy
Websites With

1. Joomla Installation Preparation
Before installing joomla, we have to Preparing the software
supporters to joomla can run on our computer. Program
needed ie Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Because complicated when should
one-on-one install the software then I suggest here to
using XAMPP software. To obtain the software please
downloaded first in
Or you can download at on the menu
Latest download.
Once the download is complete, then the software will DoubleClick
information appears as follows:

alat bantu sex Just click OK and then click next. After that will appear as the description
the following:
Let xampp is installed by default in c: \ xampp. Setlah it clicks
next and on xampp options leave as it is and click install.

Wait a few moments and then click finish. This will bring up information
whether to run xampp now or not? Then we click yes. For
running Apache and MySQL then change the status of a running

2. Installing Joomla
Once XAMPP terinsatall on your computer, download the joomla package in Here I will explain with Joomla version 1.5.2. When
Just downloaded the latest version just because the steps will not be
much different. Create a new folder in C: \ xampp \ htdocs with the name of learning
Extrack joomla files (usually shaped zipped) folder learning. Step
The next is open up your browser and typing http://localhost/belajar

Select the language that you understand, or stick with the language
The default is English. Click next when it set the language. After
it will appear as shown below

In the Connection Settings menu there is a database type, host name, user
name, database name, etc.. In type select mysql database, the Host Name us
enter localhost, leave the password blank for the list, then the Database Name
we write dbjoomla. Click next then it will appear as shown below. We
select No and then click next again.
On Main Configuration we fill our data such as Site Name, Email,
passwords, etc.. For example here I write Learning Joomla on a Web Name

and email please fill in with your own email. And for the password input
with the name of trying (passwords will be used at login). Notice in the screen
underneath ..
Click the install sample data, after it
the tone aka complete description
then we proceed step by
click next. If successful then
will display a description of that
joomla installation has been successful ..
Close your browser.
The final step we are learning we open the folder at C: \ xampp \ htdocs \ learning
and delete the folder called installer

Well now try to re-open the browser and typing http://localhost/belajar
it looks like this will be

Ok. Now you already have your own website ... To go to the panel
admin typing the following url http://localhost/belajar/administrator
To log in on our typing username admin name and password to try
If successful then we go to our web admin panel penjualan alat bantu sex .


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