Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A young kale kale seedlings measuring

A young kale kale seedlings measuring 20 -30 cmAgen Judi Online that has a stem and leaves are large and nice . The seedlings can be obtained in two ways , namely by stem cuttings and then driven into the ground , or by planting dry beans and kale are good quality .
Kale seeds that had been prepared then planted at a spacing of 1.5 x 15 cm . If the seed is derived from the seeds , for an area of ​​10 m2 , about 300 grams of seed required , if each hole is filled with grains of 2-3 seeds . In dry weather , watering the seeds do on a regular basis .
2 . Processing Plant Media
To make kale growing media for plants , soil needs compost fertilizers . Above ground / land is then made ​​petakan-petakan/bedengan , with the length depending on the condition of the land . Next, plug the drill on the beds with a spacing of 20 x 20 cm .
a. cultivate land
Before planting , + / - 3 weeks , the soil must first be processed by mixing 10 tons of compost or manure to each hectare of land . Give water to a height of 5 cm and let the stagnant water while urea was given at a dose of 1 quintal per hectare .
b . Making beds
The next stage in the manufacture of growing media is made ​​beds with width 0.8-1.2 m , length 3-5 m , within ± 15-20 cm spacing between beds and made ​​a ditch along the 50 cm . However , the size can be adjusted to the conditions of the available land . Purpose of the beds in addition to help smooth out the water - influx , as well as to facilitate maintenance and other activities .
c . fertilization
Associated with the processing of growing
Agen Casino Online media , fertilizer should also be considered . A week before planting or after the completion of beds , planting media were given a basic fertilizer manure . Fertilization is performed at the plant back a week and two weeks of using urea fertilizer mixed with water and sprayed on the base of the plant . Prior to fertilization , the land must first be dried for 4-5 days . Fertilizer needed for each hectare of land is 10-20 tons of organic fertilizer and 100-250 kg of urea fertilizer .


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