Thursday, November 28, 2013

Manfaat Optimalisasi Website sebagai Media Promosi


In the past for having a website is one thing that is very difficult due to pengobatan alternatif  the manufacturing services are very expensive . So that only big companies can afford to have it . But now there are billions of website pages are scattered in cyberspace . Of course, with the development of computer technology and rapid information access and preparation to make the impact on the price is getting cheaper from year to year .
Incessant company that wants a website for his business , it has many reasons for the benefits . Website is considered capable of improving the performance of a business or company . As a media campaign , the website is able to disseminate complete information , not only about the products offered , but also the company profile . So the benefits is to facilitate communication between companies and consumers , clients , or relationships - Many leading companies in Indonesia has given maximum exposure through the contest . If you see carefully in the year 2013 , the number of contests in social networks and the web site is scattered like hotcakes. In addition to the prizes on offer is very tempting , even the amount of the prize can reach tens to hundreds of millions of dollars .
For those of you who do not market their products through social competitions and new media began to plunge into the world of online business , you must have wondered what exactly are the benefits of running a contest ?
Is the positive impact of the contest more than any other means of promotion ? Is the contest cost far less than the cost of advertising ? Is the main purpose of the contest provider ?
Here's a brief analysis Wishpond :
1 . Internet marketing is seen as a media revolution .
When viewed in terms of reach , alat bantu sex  the Internet has indeed been shown to be more effective than other traditional media such as radio and print media . Why so ?
The number of Internet users in the world continues to grow each year , including in the country . A survey conducted Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association ( APJII ) revealed that the number of Internet users in Indonesia in 2013 reached 82 million people , or 30 percent of the total population of this country .
Next year the figure is expected to rise about 31 percent to 107 million and continues to grow to 139 million , or 50 percent of the total population in 2015 . This means that the availability of a large gap that can be exploited by the online business .
2 . The dominance of the organic results in search engines Google , Bing & Yahoo
Now more and more people are searching for goods , services , or information via Google and other popular search engines . That is why an SEO contest always refers to the largest search engine in the world .
The point is clear that the promotion of big - gedean . At the time of the contest then surely there is an article indexation in search engine pages containing articles contest by millions of participants .
Every time a search engine user to enter keywords that match the criteria of the race, then it is definitely a contest article contains product / business you will be plastered on the front of the information seeker . If the article is in the business of reading means the message will contest the puau tidung product provider to the general reader .
Promotion through the contest platform reach even 1000% more powerful than the one in the TV ads , which generally does NOT have an accurate context and relevance to their target audience
3 . The number of users of Social Media and Hp which has skyrocketed in the country
In terms of social media penetration , Indonesia is the second country with the development of social networking users in the world with growth rate of 51.7 % . In addition , according to data from Popsurvey , Indonesia was runner - up with the percentage reached 87.5 % of the total consumption of social media internet users around the world .
As more people access the socmed of Hp and the easy process to enter the contest via mobile social networking , it is not surprising that online contest platform Hp makes you tend to be consumptive and are often seen by their relationship and even shared with their friends .
This creates brand awareness with a solid background and in retrospect MORE EFFECTIVE than the ads on tv that cost is very expensive and is often labeled as a promotional tool that is annoying for some audiences .
Not only that , there are many advantages gained by having a web . If you want a website for business promotion , you can have it . obat telat bulan  If you are not adept at making there are many web services that can be selected. Media One is a cottage located in Semarang and Jakarta . The company focuses on IT , with three fields namely Indonesia web design , web hosting , and internet marketing . You can take advantage of the three fields at once for your business .
Media cottage will be presenting a great web design and attractive according to industry or business. While internet marketing that will disseminate your website and will optimize the website appear on the first halamam search engines ( eg Google ) . While hosting can be utilized , either personally or for your company in web management , blogs , and so on . So Pondok Media will enable you as a means of effective and efficient advertising .

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