Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Many famous breeders in this country

Many famous breeders in this country capable of Berita Bola bringing success to the region, with the cattle business is not a little chicken who became the creator of new jobs and become self-sufficient in the work. The primary key in a chicken farm that is commitment, hard work and consistent. Not many are able to do so, many novice breeders are easily tempted by profit alone and see it only in terms of money, even though its true chicken farm not only prioritize the financial side alone, cattle chicken in the Javanese term "luwih jowoni". The existence of a bond strong enough to maintain the chicken as it is kept on a small scale and used for saving the family, good relationships between stakeholders else it does, feed sellers and merchants were also definitely regarded as his own family who continually share the ups and downs of each maintenance until the next harvest season arrives.


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