Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bio-ethanol is one of the types of biofuels (liquid fuels

Bio-ethanol is one of the types of biofuels (liquid fuels from processing plants) in addition to Biodiesel. Bio-ethanol is ethanol produced from the fermentation of glucose (sugar) followed by distillation process. Distillation process to produce ethanol content of 95% by volume, to be used as fuel (biofuel) needs to be purified again until it reaches 99%, Badak88 Agen Bola Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Jelang Piala Dunia 2014 commonly called fuel grade ethanol (FGE). Purification process with the dehydration principles generally performed with Molecular Sieve method, to separate water from ethanol compounds.Bio-ethanol feedstock that can be used, among others, cassava, sugar cane, sago, corn, etc..Developed countries have developed alternative energy that can replace the role of petroleum and natural material resources (especially excavation) that serves as fuel. Petroleum reserves are depleting due to the increase in world population and the needs of the bombastic (China alone had a population of 1 billion ...) is a driving factor in the scientist Actively seeking new sources of renewable energy, cheap and safe for the environment (especially those derived from vegetable ).Some popular alternative fuel is biodiesel, biogas, biofuels, hydrogen and nuclear energy. Biofuels are derived from biomass one. Biofuels are fuels derived from plants or animals, usually from agriculture, forest products is also residual solids.Let's see biofuels, particularly ethanol. Through the process of saccharification (solving complex sugars into simple sugars), fermentation, and distillation, crops such as corn, sugar cane and cassava can be converted into fuel.
Alcohol is a chemical that is produced from plant raw materials containing starch such as cassava, sweet potatoes, corn, and sago are usually referred to as bioethanol. Cassava, sweet potato, and corn is the crop most commonly grown people in all parts of Indonesia, so this type of plant is a plant that is to be considered as a potential source of raw material for bio-ethanol or gasohol. But of all these crops, cassava plants per hectare is the highest can produce ethanol. In addition the use of cassava consideration as a raw material of bio-ethanol product
NAGALAUT.COM Agen Judi Bola Online Piala Dunia 2014, SBOBET, IBCBET Terbaik dan Terpercaya di Indonesia ion process is also based on economic considerations. Consideration of the economics of procurement of raw materials not only include the price of production plants as raw material, but also includes the cost of managing the plant, the production of raw material procurement costs, and the cost of raw materials to produce each liter of ethanol / bio-ethanol. In general, ethanol / bio-ethanol can be used as industrial raw materials derived alcohol, a mixture of alcohol, pharmaceutical basic materials, fuel mixture for a vehicle. Given the use of ethanol / bio-ethanol diverse, so the grade ethanol must be used differently according to its use. For ethanol / bio-ethanol which has a grade of 90 to 96.5% vol can be used in industry, whereas ethanol / bio-ethanol which has a grade of 96 to 99.5% vol mixture can be used as a base material for the alcohol and pharmaceutical industry. In contrast to the magnitude of grade ethanol/bio-Ethanol is used as fuel mixture for a vehicle to be really dry and anhydrous so as not corrosive, so the ethanol / bio-ethanol must have a grade of 99.5 to 100% vol. The big difference grade will affect the process of converting carbohydrates into sugar (glucose) water soluble. Referring to the explanation, drafted a paper entitled "Process Technology of Bio-Ethanol Production"
Industry Etano l / Bioethanol has very good prospects in Indonesia, because the needs of ethanol in Indonesia continues to increase. It is not balanced with the production capacity of the ethanol industry in Indonesia, which amounted to only about 14 industries.In the development of the ethanol industry geared to diversify the use of the product for biofuels, fuel car that uses Ethanolyang is one of the renewable fuel, as a renewable raw material, eg sugar cane / molasses, cassava, sorghum etc..Fuel oil is the lifeblood - like the blo
KAISARBET.COM AGEN BOLA TERPERCAYA PIALA DUNIA 2014od that carry oxygen to the body. Life can be jammed without fuel. Unfortunately, the reserves are depleted, exploration costs are increasingly expensive, as well as environmental and geopolitical impacts on oil producing countries that always heats to make the era of cheap oil is over. This is bad news for Indonesia as a net importer.


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