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pest Mites

pest MitesCause : red mite ( Oligonychus ) . Part attacked leaves . Symptoms : leaves become glossy and colored bronz . Control : Spray Pestona or BVR .
b . caterpillars SetoraCause : Setora Nitens . Part
Jadwal Bola  of being attacked are the leaves . Symptoms : leaves eaten so lidinya left alone . Control : Spraying with Pestona .
4.2 . disease
a. root BlastCause : Rhizoctonia lamellifera and Phythium Sp . Section attacked roots . Symptoms : Sudden death in the nursery seedlings , mature plants wither and die , the roots decay occurs . Control : the creation of a good seedbed , the provision of irrigation water in the dry season , the use of seeds of more than 11 months old . Prevention with Natural GLIO use .
b . Yellow linesCause : Fusarium oxysporum . Section attacked leaves . Symptoms : pale yellow oval circle around the brown color on the leaves , the leaves dry . Control : inoculation of disease on seedlings and young plants . Prevention with Natural GLIO use since the beginning .
c . Dry Basal RotCause : Ceratocyctis paradoxa . Part rods attacked . Symptoms : midrib easily broken , decaying leaves and dried ; die young leaves and dried . Control : is to plant the seeds that had been inoculated with the disease .Note : If the pest control using natural pesticides can not cope with the recommended chemical pesticide used . To be more evenly spraying of chemical pesticides and not easily lost by rainwater add Adhesives Straighten AERO 810 , dose + 5 ml ( 1/2 cap ) / tank . Spraying herbicides ( for weed ) in order to more effectively and efficiently can be mixed Adhesives Straighten AERO 810 , dose + 5 ml ( 1/2 cap ) / tank .
5 . PanenHidroponik taken from two word comes from the Greek words hydro meaning water and ponos , which means power ( wikipedia ) . The point is how to grow crops without the use of soil media and media use water as a replacement . Using the medium of water as a medium to grow plants . In principle all plants can be grown using hydroponics system . There are a variety of hydroponic techniques that you can choose to grow in hydroponics .
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What should be prepared to grow hydroponic
free classified adsplants ? ? how to grow hydroponic medium principle is not to use the land but using water media with the necessary nutrients for the plants to grow and thrive . Well if you want to start a hydroponic plant
1 . Seedling seed plantsBeginning before planting crops of course we need to plant seeds , seedlings are first seeds to plant seeds are ready to be transferred planting . You can grow vegetables at harvest time is short so fast harvest , spinach , kale , mustard greens , for example . This preparation as much as possible 2 weeks before planting and hydroponic systems selected .
2 . hydroponic systemThere are many hydroponic systems that you can choose to plant hydroponic , wick system , NFT , fertigation . If the beginning is the most easy to use scale hobby wick system / axis . easy and cheap .
3 . Media are requiredTo grow hydroponic media of course require a place to grow plants , well there are some tools and equipment that you need to prepare before starting berhidroponik.1 ) Growing media , you can use a planting medium such as rockwool , cocopeat , husk fuel , sand etc. . 2 ) sets of hydroponics , you can buy a starter kit for the wick system or you can also create your own .
4 . nutrients HydroponicsHydroponic Nutrients are essential for the success in growing hydroponics , hydroponic nutrients because no course you can not grow it hydroponically . hydroponic nutrients are macro and micro nutrients that is required for plant growth . You can buy or make your own as well , for I am sure the scale hobby buy much cheaper than making your own .
5 . maintenanceWhen all was ready , the seeds are ready for planting next stage is hydroponic plant maintenance period . Try to fit the needs of the plant nutrients that optimal growth as expected .
6 . harvest Hydroponics
The sixth stage of the above is how to grow hydro
Taruhan Bola Online ponic crops , for you can choose to scale hobby scale or production scale .


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