Saturday, February 22, 2014

Almost all parents have children who crave smart and intelligent .

Almost all parents have children who crave smart and intelligent . This morning Wahw33d share tips for recognizing characteristic feature of the Smart and Intelligent Child .1 . Maintaining Information : The term "
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entering one ear and out the right " seems to apply to most children . But a smart kid actually maintain a variety of information and is able to remember it later. An example of the National Association of Gifted Children ( NAGC ) is : " A six -year -old son back from traveling museum space and accurately reproduce the image space rocket he had seen .
2 . Having interest area : Smart Kids show an interest in various topics . They may like dinosaurs one month , space the next month , and so on .
3 .
SOCCERINDO AGEN BOLA ONLINE WORLD CUP 2014Writing and Reading Early : If your child is someone who is smart , he may be able to read and write very early and without formal teaching .
4 . Talented in the Field of Music or Art : Children who show exceptional talent for music and art is often considered to be smart . Children can draw , sing perfectly , or display a high form of art perception others usually fall into the category of smart kids .
5 . Time Shows Intense Concentration : Children are not so synonymous with long attention span , but the smart kids were able to have more time intense concentration .
6 . Have a Good Memory : Some smart kids were able to remember things as they are smaller . For example , a child two years old may remember and bring back the incident when he was 18 months .
7 . Having High Vocabulary : A child who is too early to talk not only a sign of intelligence ,
KAISARBET.COM AGEN BOLA TERPERCAYA PIALA DUNIA 2014but if your child speak using more advanced vocabulary and sentences , then he probably is as smart as you think . According to the NAGC , " Children at age two make sentences like : ' There's a dog . ' Children two years that smart might say , ' There's a dog in the back of the house and he was sniffing flowers . ' "
8 . Noting Detail : Good boy has a sharp eye for detail . Older children may want to know specific details about how things work , while younger children will be able to put the toys exactly where he got it or notice if something has been moved from the usual place .
9 . Acting as Own Critic : In general kids are not too worried about themselves or others , unless their friend has something they want . Instead , the smart kids are concerned with others , but most importantly themselves .
10 . Understanding the complex concept : Children are very clever to have the ability to understand complex concepts , understand relationships , and abstract thinking . They are able to understand the problem in depth and think about solutions
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